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On A Beauty Binge? Reality Shows, TV Series & Documentaries To Watch If You Love Makeup

On A Beauty Binge? Reality Shows, TV Series & Documentaries To Watch If You Love Makeup

Waking up from a 12-hour sleep marathon, heating leftover pizza from last night, watching Netflix while you’re still in your jammies is the best feeling ever. With a plethora of TV shows, movies or documentaries over multiple streaming services to choose from, we are spoilt for choice.

No matter what your preferred genre is, we have everything available at the palm of our hands. But just like us, if you too are fascinated by the world of makeup and beauty, then you’re gonna love these recommendations.

Stop Watching Friends On Repeat And Watch These Instead

If watching makeup tutorials on loop on YouTube describes your ideal Sunday, you’re gonna love these.


Glow Up

If you thought that doing makeup only involves monotonous steps like *from a base to the setting spray*, you couldn’t be more wrong. Glow Up is a makeup competition series where aspiring makeup artists compete to win a career in the beauty-full world of makeup.

The contestants are thrown a series of makeup challenges that test their ability on how well they understand a concept, play with prosthetic makeup, understand their client’s requirements, etc and even something as basic as doing a cat-eye.

Watch it here.


The world of makeup is not just lipsticks and rainbows and ‘Broken’ shows you exactly that. The popular docuseries will make you think twice before buying a particular product as all four episodes expose a dark side of the industry we were oblivious to.

The first episode is dedicated to exposing the popular black market for counterfeit products, how counterfeit products enter a country, the harmful chemicals used in making these products, where it is sold (both online and offline) and how people do not mind buying these ‘cheaper’ versions of luxury products.

PS: Never buying any beauty product that is heavily discounted, ever!

Watch it here.

Toxic Beauty

Toxic Beauty took the beauty world by storm, ever since its debut last year. The highly controversial beauty documentary shows that the dark side of beauty with exclusive access to lab scientists, lawyers, politicians and shows you the result of using unregulated chemicals in self-care products. It shows how your regular makeup products can make you sick.

Watch it here.

Instant Influencer

Instant Influencer is an upcoming makeup reality series that is all set to make its debut this Friday (24th April 2020) on YouTube. Hosted by the makeup KWEEN, James Charles, the show will focus on finding the next big thing in the world of makeup!

Watch the trailer below.


Unlike the other mentions, Euphoria is a regular TV show that follows a group of high school students that are just living one day at a time and bad choices. But it was the amazing eye makeup of the stars that caught the eyes of makeup enthusiasts all over the world and also led to a crazy Instagram sensation.

Perfect for your inner, dramatic makeup-loving soul!

Watch it here.

The Goop Lab

In this highly controversial docuseries, Gwenyth Paltrow gives us a sneak-peek into her wellness and lifestyle brand, Goop. Although we expected miss Paltrow to share her secrets about running such a successful brand, the series was heavily criticized over issues such as scientific misinformation, making unsubstantiated health claims and whatnot.

Where’s my popcorn? 

Watch it here.

RuPaul’s Drag Race

Most of the makeup hacks we use today were picked up from drag queens. They have always slayed their makeup game. 

I was introduced to the fascinating world of drag via Orkut and fell in love with those fierce divas! Hosted by RuPaul Charles, RuPaul’s Drag Race is a competition reality series throws some CRAZY challenges at the contestants, in the hopes of finding the next drag queen.

You HAVE to see the way they do their makeup. It’s a whole new level, and SO many valuable tips to learn!

Watch it here


Shane Dawson X Jeffree Star Document Series

Jeffree Star, the self-made beauty guru is known for his brutally honest reviews and of course his own brand, Jeffree Star Cosmetics. Popular OG YouTuber, Shane Dawson, did a dedicated YouTube series on Jeffree, giving our inquisitive souls a sneak peek into his world of makeup, the production process and even the marketing bit!

Jeffree and Shane also went on to collaborate on a makeup collection later on that broke the internet, literally!

Watch it here.


Which one are you planning to watch today?

Featured Image: Pexels.com

22 Apr 2020

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