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Sara Ali Khan Gets Shamed For Yet Another Silly Reason & It’s Time Her Trolls Got A Life

Sara Ali Khan Gets Shamed For Yet Another Silly Reason & It’s Time Her Trolls Got A Life

With the coronavirus outbreak taking over the world, the unprecedented has happened–everybody has been confined to their homes for an uncertain period of time. We don’t know how long it’ll last, but what we do know is that staying home is our best bet to keep ourselves safe until a vaccine hits the markets. And while we’re grateful for the privilege to have a roof over our heads during these trying times, it can also trigger mental health issues owing to social isolation.

Keeping this in mind people across the globe are taking to new, fun activities to keep themselves in good spirits. For some, it’s baking that perfect loaf of banana bread, for others, it’s painting or crochet. Bollywood’s favourite ‘It-girl’ Sara Ali Khan likes to spend her time working out to keep herself fit and happy during the lockdown.

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Sara recently took to Instagram to share pictures of herself in workout gear–she wore a sleeveless tee that said ‘Pilates Girl’ and shorts. Her brother, Ibrahim, seemed to be working out with her, as he lay on the floor shirtless, along with their dog. She captioned the picture “Knock knock 👊🏻👊🏻 Who’s there? Not us- we’re working out 💪🏻 🙌🏻 Yes, us includes Fuffy Singh 🐕 🐶”

Who needs to go to the gym when you have the perfect workout squad at home, amirite?

Several fans in the comments applauded Sara for keeping up with her workout routine despite the lockdown. However, some religious followers did not like the fact that she was working out during the month of Ramzan. They trolled her for wearing short clothes and told her to ‘at least respect Ramzan’. Firstly, what else is she supposed to wear while working out? And second, it is completely up to Sara how she wished to observe (or not observe!) a religious event. 

When did trolling celebrities on social media for their personal life choices become cool? The 18th century called, and they want their moralistic beliefs back. Ironically, while people shamed Sara for not ‘respecting Ramzan’, many fans seemed to drool over Ibrahim’s abs. Clearly, men and women are still being held to very different standards. 

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Will this moral and religious policing ever end? We hope so! But until then, we hope Sara continues to silence her trolls, one fabulous workout picture at a time!

Featured Image: Instagram


28 Apr 2020

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