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Tried & Tested Fitness Apps For The Bride-On-The-Go!

So you organise your to-do’s on the phone, make a checklist of all that is left to shop, arrange dance practices on the phone, even read Wed Me Good on the phone but hang on a second because you could actually get fit on the phone too! Technology makes the world go round so we dug out these super awesome apps that help you get fit for the big day.


Getting married cuts you back on time, so travelling to the gym everyday could be a task, it burns a major hole in your pocket, so paying up for that personal instructor doesn’t really sound right and of course it piles you on with the kilos cause obviously your healthy lifestyle goes for a six amidst all those preps .. gosh.. we make getting married sound like such a task!

But these free apps are here to get you sorted!

Nike Training Club

Nike Training Club

This one’s like your personal gym trainer! Choose your workout based on a specific part of the body you want to work on, like your arms or waist and it’ll select a training plan for you. Indian wedding outfits tend to show a lot of your waist or your back ( backless blouses!) and with this app you can target just that one problem area! Each exercise comes with a “how-to” video wherein a professional gives a demo on the proper form and technique of the exercise.

Why we love it: It saves us of all the travel time and money that we would’ve spent at the gym! The videos are easy to follow and isolating each body part can help you focus on that one aspect you know you want to reduce. However some exercises involve dumbbells and balls and stuff so you may want to see how many of those you have at home!

Seven- 7 Minute Workout 

Seven- 7 Minute Workout

Not everybody has the time to engage in hour long or even half-hour workouts everyday. If you want to get fitter but can only spend up to 10 minutes a day working out, then Seven is for you. Using the app, you can engage in 14 different exercises for 30 seconds each resulting in an intensive workout that only takes up seven minutes.

Why we love it: No one has time these days but seven minutes in a day are easy to take out for a fitter body! Plus most exercises are without any extra equipment. However they don’t explain the exercises very well , so if you are unsure what a ‘Side Plank’ is you may get confused!

Healthifyme/ MyFitnessPal


Your food habits play a huge role for losing weight and this app helps you keep a track of all the calories that you intake in a day. Once you sign up, you’re asked to set a goal for yourself. You could be trying to shed weight or wanting to maintain your current weight. Based on your inputs of all that you’re eating in a day, the app helps you track your food, count your calories and basically keep you aware of when you’re overdoing it!

Why we love it: You can actually scan the bar code of your packaged foods and have it’s calorie information right there! Healthifyme is similar to MyFitnessPal but since it’s developed in India, it boasts of a large database of ethnic dishes!



A lot of times you may be in the mood for a good workout but sad music just screws it all up. Music is THE most important thing for many of us to get that boost of energy during a workout. FitRadio offers a wide range of genres and professional DJ mixes for a high intensity workout. The playlists are designed to keep your heart rate up and your body sweating!

Why we love it: Cause it gives us lots of good music! Not just for a run but also for some late night fun .

Baba Ramdev Yoga (Yes!) 

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If its about a healthy body, mind and soul, nothing even comes close to yoga. So if a yoga class timing doesn’t match your crazy schedule, bring the class home! This app includes yoga videos by spiritual guru Baba Ramdev (serious!) . You can select a yoga pose according to your fitness level and also for any specific condition you may be suffering from.

Why we love it: Who better than Baba Ramdev to follow for a yoga session!



It’s a fitness app with video-game features!  Plus it connects you with other users of the app which serves as the much needed moral support. You earn points, unlock achievements, collect badges and advance to various levels as you proceed. Fitocracy gives you access to over 800 exercises and makes sure to keep your workouts fun and interesting.

Why we love it: Simply cause it doesn’t feel like you’re working out! It’s a game and connecting with other people with similar goals keeps your motivation levels up!



From sangeet dance practice with your family and friends to shopping trips and the quick home workouts, this tracking app uses your smartphone’s GPS to map your steps, time, calories and goals to get you wedding-ready. This all in one app keeps a track of your workouts and a count of your calorie intake.

Why we love it: It keeps a count of almost everything!

Disclaimer: Just know that no matter what, a few kg’s up or down, you’ll no doubt be shining nice and bright on your big day!  🙂 Motto to swear by : A happy bride is more beautiful than a skinny bride. 

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06 May 2016

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