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3 Sneaky Yet Amazing Tricks To Line Your Eyes PERFECTLY!

The perfect flick of the eyeliner can dramatically transform your makeup look in minutes and let your eyes do all the talking from the moment you enter the room! But let’s be honest, even though the results are awesome, lining your eyes with liquid eyeliner is not an easy task to master! Watch this simple tutorial video that will show you three tricks to line your eyes perfectly, every single time!

What You Will Need: Eyeliner, a teaspoon, a roll of tape, a business card

Difficulty Level: Easier than microwaving a bag popcorn!

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Watch the video now!

1. Get Spooning!

Take a tablespoon and use the straight edge to define the flick and then the curved edge to fill it in!

2. The Tape Trick

Use a strip of tape along the corner of your eye to give you a good indicator of where you want your liner to go!

3. Getting Down To Business!

A business card can be used as the perfect straight edge to start off your flick!

Aaaand, you’re done!

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05 May 2016

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