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Move Over Skinny Jeans: 15 *Different* Jeans You Should Try NOW

Move Over Skinny Jeans: 15 *Different* Jeans You Should Try NOW

Yes ladies, though we all love our skinny jeans unconditionally, it’s time to give them a much-needed break, as too much of anything can be boring. Plus, there are so many cooler options that are going to be all the rage in 2017. So, we found 15 pairs of jeans for women that are SO in and will totally make you wanna ditch your skinny jeans right away! And the best part? We have something for everyone!

1. Print Power

1 jeans for women


With celebs going gaga over patch and print work, give this trend a chance with these cool-girl denims. They will look super cute with simple tees and sneakers for some effortless style.

Price: Rs 1,019. Buy it here.


2. Wonder whites

2 jeans for women

A pair of white jeans is must-have in every fashionista’s wardrobe. What’s even better are ripped white jeans! Pair it with pastels or a white shirt for a chic white on white look. Trust us, you’ll look super cool in these!


Price: Rs 1,299. Buy it here.

3. A dash of quirk

3 jeans for women


Channel your quirky side with these boyfriend jeans with patchwork details. Pair them with cool T-shirts and sneakers for a fun, cool look.

Price: Rs 3,495. Buy it here.


4. Boss in black

4 jeans for women

How cool are these black ripped boyfriend jeans? Pair them with a cool shirt or a T-shirt and a pair of sneakers, you’ll be good to go!


Price: Rs 2,495. Buy it here.

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5. Hot hemlines

5 jeans for women

Fashion should never be boring and these pants are a live example. Featuring a fringed, uneven hemline, they are really different and would look super cool on you!


Price: Rs 3,272. Buy it here.

6. City of stars

6 jeans for women


We are in love with these mildly distressed boyfriend jeans. Just look at those cute star cutouts, aren’t they too cool?

Price: Rs 2,399. Buy it here.


7. Patchwork punk

7 jeans for women

Patchwork is majorly trending, girls. Look uber chic in these boyfriend jeans featuring patchwork details. It is a fresh twist to your plain old jeans. You’ll love them!


Price: Rs 2,300. Buy it here.

8. Bootcut baby

8 jeans for women


Ditch your skinny jeans for this pair of super cool bootcut jeans. They are really trending these days and everyone loves them, including your favourite celebs!

Price: Rs 2,039. Buy it here.


9. Basics be the best

9 jeans for women

What’s better than a pair of basic ripped boyfriend jeans to spend your lives in? These ones are super comfy and would look great with all your tops, shirts and hoodies.


Price: Rs 2,300. Buy it here.

10. Go bold or go home

10 jeans for women


If you love modern and bold fashion, these jeans with fringes will be your favourite. Pair it with a cool shirt and boots to help you nail this straight-off-the-runway look.

Price: Rs 1,679. Buy it here.


11. Cool casuals

11 jeans for women

Stay comfy and look stylish in these super cool two-toned, wide legged pants that will make you fall in love with them. Trust us, you’ll look sassy AF!


Price: Rs 1,899. Buy it here.

12. I’mma a cool girl

12 jeans for women


Want to add a few inches to your frame? Give these bootcut jeans a chance and look amazing AF! Pair them with a pretty blouse for a feminine yet cool look.

Price: Rs 1,132. Buy it here.


13. All about black

13 jeans for women

Basic black jeans are a must-have in every girl’s wardrobe. Pair these with a basic top and sneakers to look great without trying too hard!


Price: Rs 1,049. Buy it here.

14. From mommy, with love!

14 jeans for women


Ditch your uncomfortable skinny jeans for this super comfortable pair of mom jeans. The colour, fit and texture, everything is to die for! What are you waiting for, start shopping now!

Price: Rs 2,039. Buy it here.


15. Comfort is the key

15 jeans for women

Trust these wide legged jeans to make you look cool without trying too hard. Plus, you’ll be comfortable all day long!


Price: Rs 1,495. Buy it here.

Start shopping, ladies!


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22 Feb 2017
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