Chop Chop: Trendy Bob Hairstyles That Will Make You Call Your Hairdresser Immediately

Nidhi KavleNidhi Kavle  |  Jul 19, 2019
Chop Chop: Trendy Bob Hairstyles That Will Make You Call Your Hairdresser Immediately


Thinking about getting a haircut? It’s true what they say, cut your hair change your life. There’s something very inspirational about chopping off your hair or even colouring it. It’s empowering and it motivates you to leave the past behind and be a whole new person. But for people who have long hair, going short can be terrifying to say the least. 

If you’re thinking about giving yourself a new hairstyle, we recommend that you give the good ol’ bombshell bob a try. It’s going to make you look chic, fierce and very trendy. This supermodel approved hairdo makes your life hella easier too. Because your hair is so short, it cuts down your washing, drying and styling time significantly. As long as you get a best bob hairstyles that suits your hair type and texture, those dreams of washing your hair and being right out the door can be a reality with this low-fuss hairstyle. And isn’t there something incredibly fierce about a bob? If you needed more convincing, we’ve found you inspiration – celebrity and real-girl to convince you to go chop-chop ASAP.

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What Is A Bob?

bob haircut


A bob is a hairstyle that’s shorter towards the back of your neck and slightly longer around the front. If you don’t like short hair and want something that’s somewhere in between short and shoulder-length hair, a bob hairstyle is right in the middle. Usually, bob hairstyles are asymmetrical, longer in the front and shorter at the back and have some sort of fringe. They frame your face beautifully. A bob cut suits all kinds of hair types and textures. There are a number of different bob hairstyles that one can get. More on that in the next section. 

Types Of Bob Hairstyles

There are different types of bob hairstyles that you can get. The most popular variants are the choppy bob, the long bob or the lob and the inverted bob.

Choppy Bob

choppy bob hairstyle


A choppy bob looks great on all hair types. It’s particularly great if you have very thick hair. A choppy hairstyle adds lots of layers and takes off the weight from your hair, making you look and feel pretty light-headed. A choppy bob gives your hair a fun, bad-girl vibe that you can take from chic to messy in a hot minute. Wear your hair straight and sleek or apply some curl cream to the ends and scrunch it up. One things for sure, you’ll never have a bad hair day. 

A Blunt Bob

blunt bob haircut


A blunt bob is the ideal hairstyle for anyone with straight and silky hair. It’s one length hair with a few face-framing layers added into your fringe/crown section. A blunt bob can beautifully transition into a lob and vice versa. You can keep the hair just long enough to make a top-knot for days when you would rather wear your hair up and you could even keep the front slightly longer. 

Long Bob

long bob


If you’re afraid to go very short, the long bob or the lob is your perfect safety net hairstyle. A long bob is that perfect in-between haircut that will help you slowly transition into a shorter, sleeker hairdo. This kind of hairstyle looks good on all hair types and all face shapes. 

Inverted Bob

Inverted bob hairstyle


For the fierce and fearless, an inverted bob haircut is a perfect choice. It’s short on the back with layers stacked over one another and long in the front. Think of it as an asymmetrical dress, perhaps? Since it’s longer in the front – you still have the length of hair that you’re used to with the added convenience of having no hair down your neck. 

Celebrity Bob Hairstyles

A bob haircut is a hot celebrity favourite, everyone from the likes of Kim Kardashian to Beyonce and our very own B-town divas have also been seen sporting the look. Let’s take a look at some of the celebrity bob hairstyles, shall we? Wondering what types of bob hairstyle will suit you? Keep scrollin’ and brace yourself for some major hair-inspo!

Best Bob Hairstyles For Straight Hair

If you have straight hair, any type of bob hairstyle will work for you. It’s going to be as easy as washing your hair and being out the door. Lots of celebrities love this hairstyle because the only maintenance it takes is regular haircuts.

Kim Kardashian and Kylie Jenner

Kim and kylie bob hairstyles


The queen of contour, Kim K is like a chameleon when it comes to her hair. She changes her hair as often as we change our clothes. But if there’s one hairstyle the sisters keep coming back to, it’s the bob. And without a doubt, it looks fabulous on them!

Fatima Shaikh

hairstyles for Fatima Shaikh


Fatima’s long bob is a testament to every single person who said that short hair isn’t cute, attractive or feminine. Isn’t she slaying that hairstyle and her pink dress?

Anushka Sharma

Anushka sharma hairstyles


Anushka’s shoulder-length blunt bob haircut is all kinds of cute, isn’t it? Although we always associate long hair with being feminine, Anushka’s bob proves otherwise.

Best Bob Hairstyles For Wavy Hair

Wavy hair is slightly harder to groom, primarily because everything from the weather to the water can affect the way it looks. The easiest way to rock a lob if you have wavy, moody hair is to invest in a good hair serum and a curling cream. Once you’re out of a shower, brush through your hair with your fingers to get rid of any knots. Squeeze some curling cream and hair serum on your palm – give it a good mix and apply this onto the ends of your hair. Use your fingers to twist and define the curls that are framing your face and let the rest of your hair air dry. That’s it, easy peazy beachy waves. Wanna know which celebrities rock this hairdo?

Priyanka Chopra

bob hairstyle for priyanka chopra


If you have wavy caramel toned hair like Priyanka Chopra, this lob haircut is very flattering. It’s going to make you look younger and doesn’t require any heat styling.

Taapsee Pannu

taapsee pannu bob hairstyle


Taapsee’s inverted lob is perfect for girls with curly, unruly hair. Ask your hairdresser to add in some layers to thin down your hair. It makes it easier to manage and looks like the perfect beach waves without even trying too hard.

Hailey Baldwin

bob haircut for hailey baldwin


Hailey’s choppy bob is a great choice if you like messy, beachy hair 24/7. Just wash your hair, apply some curl cream and keep twisting your hair into place while it air dries.

Best Bob Hairstyles For Curly Hair

Do you have extremely curly hair? We get it, tightly wound ringlets look absolutely adorable but they are very very difficult to groom. A lob or even a bob hairstyle is the perfect choice for you. It’s going to keep your curls held together without looking too puffy and hey, it looks ADORABLE!

Kangana Ranaut

bob hairstyle for Kangana Ranaut


The queen of controversies always has a good hair day, doesn’t she? If you have tightly wound curls like Kangana, this lob haircut is perfect for you. It’s just the right length to look good even if you straighten your hair.

Anushka Sharma

Anushka Sharma Hairstyle


Anushka Sharma’s blunt bob adds oodles of charm to her overall look. Notice how her hair is longer in the front? If you plan to get a blunt bob, keep it longer in the front so your hair can perfectly hug the contours of your face and bring out your facial features.

Best Bob Hairstyles For Coloured Hair

When you have a bob, there isn’t much room for hair colour. The kind of hair colour that looks best with a bob is a subtle balayage or ombre highlights. If you’re into colouring your hair in bright, funky colours, they look gorgeous with a bob or a lob. Just remember to keep it conditioned and groomed for best results. Ready for some vivid inspiration? Check out these gorgeous bob hairstyles for coloured hair!

Subtle highlights

bob haircut subtle highlights


If you don’t want to add too much colour to your hair, this A-line bob with those subtle blonde highlights looks gorgeous, doesn’t it?

Ombre Balayage

bob hairstyle  ombrre balayage


Want your hair colour to flow from dark to light? This caramel melt ombre balayage is the only accessory you’re going to need to look absolutely on-point every day.

Fiery Red

bob haircut - fiery red


If you’re not afraid to make a bold statement, this bright red bob hairstyle looks absolutely stunning on all skin tones. Whenever you dye your hair red, just remember that it’s slightly tricky to match your hair with clothes and makeup and that hair colour requires touch-ups every 4-6 weeks. You could also choose colours like pink, lavender, blue and green.

Flamingo Balayage

Flamingo Balayage - bob hairstyle


This gorgeous colour is a little bit of everything – red, orange and pink – it’s going to brighten up your sallow skin. To create this look, your hair is going to need a darker base like black or brown and then flow into lighter colours like a red, orange or pink.


1. Will it suit me?

Bob hairstyles look great on most people because of the structured cut, a bob brings attention to your jawline and features. But that’s not to say that if you don’t have a sharp jaw that a bob won’t look good on you. Depending on the shape of your face and the structure of your features, bob hairstyles can be customized to suit your face shape. If you’re still unsure, A conversation with your hairstylist will put you at ease.

2. What is the maintenance for a bob hairstyle?

A bob haircut requires regular maintenance if you plan to keep the look for a couple of months. If you’re getting a classic bob – that’s very structured and precise around the edges and you have straight hair – it’s going to be slightly high maintenance. To ensure that it looks neat and tidy, you will have to get a trim every month or as frequently as your hair begins to grow out. If you have curly or wavy hair, however, you can get away with fewer trims in-between. 

3. What is a layered bob cut?

A layered bob is the perfect hairstyle if you have thick, unruly hair. Layers are added to the hair to take off some of the volume and weight that thick hair brings. A layered bob is an ideal choice if you want to take some weight off your shoulders (quite literally.) A layered bob gives a messy, out-of-bed look to your hair and you can wear it as is or style it to look sleek and chic. 

4. What is a lob? 

If you’re afraid to cut your hair too short, a lob (long bob) is a longer variant of the bob cut. The length of hair in a lob grazes your shoulders. It’s universally flattering and looks good on absolutely everyone and all hair types. This one also happens to be a hot celebrity favourite hairstyle. Everyone from Kim Kardashian to Priyanka Chopra have rocked the look. 

5. How do you style a bob hairstyle?

Depending on the kind of look you want, you can wear your hair sleek and straight or wavy. If you’re a fan of silky straight hair, you can use a flat iron and run through your hair to get rid of any waves. Alternatively, you could even get a Keratin or a smoothening treatment done to give your hair a permanent straight look. If you have naturally wavy hair and don’t want to spend too much time styling, you could just apply some curl cream to the ends of your hair and let it air dry. 

Since your hair in a bob is short, you don’t have too many options to tie it up or down. You can tie up the hair from your crown into a space bun or a waterfall braid. 

6. How do you maintain a bob hairstyle?

Maintaining your bob is quite hassle-free if you allow it to be. Use as little heat as possible to ensure your hair looks glossy and healthy and get a haircut or a trim every 4-6 weeks.

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