Travelling During The Holidays? These Expert Travel Haircare Tips Have You Covered

Eden NoronhaEden Noronha  |  Dec 22, 2021
Travelling During The Holidays? These Expert Travel Haircare Tips Have You Covered


Going on vacation? You won’t be able to have your salon professional by your side to keep your hair looking great, but the good news is you will have these essential expert hair care tips to rely on for your travels! Airplanes or car drives can make you look messy. And it is so important to look and feel great when you’re travelling because that sets the whole mood for the rest of your trip. Creative Director at Looks Prive New Delhi Deepak Jalan, and Davines Hair Experts Dilshad Pasha and Shoaib Salmani, shell out essential tips to make sure your hair always looks fabulous – even after flying or driving! All it takes is a little prep before taking off and a few seconds throughout the day. Find out more by scrolling down.

Travel Haircare Tips By Experts At Davines – Sustainable Beauty For Your Hair


Rain Check

The most important thing to do is to check the weather before flying or driving, says Davines experts Dilshad & Shoaib. If you want to avoid frizzy, dry, or unmanageable hair, packing the right products like a moisturising shampoo and conditioner along with leave-in conditioning milk is ideal. Such products are best for dry, humid, hot, or cold weather. The experts also recommend refilling reusable travel-sized containers with your hair care products to take on your travels so that you are being more considerate about plastic pollution while travelling light.

Up In The Air

Davines experts say that “ponytails and buns are your best friend on the plane.” These hairstyles help keep your hair manageable and free from static while miles high up in the air. The hairstyles also keep your hair free from frizz and unwanted flyaways. Using a hydrating leave-in product is great for the plane journey and for dry or cold weather, say Dilshad & Shoaib. A spritz of leave-in conditioning spray after the flight will also revive your locks instantly.

Water Works


Holiday destinations that have hard water can be damaging to your locks and therefore pre-conditioning your hair before a hair wash helps in such situations. Once out of the shower, use an oil-based leave-in conditioner to treat your hair.

Chill Time

Going somewhere chilly? Cold air tends to be dry, and that is not good news for your hair. Cold, dry weather isn’t ideal for keeping moisture locked in your locks either. The air in airplanes is also dry, and so you need to help your locks stay hydrated with the right products. “Just like you moisturise your skin and lips, you also need to make sure your hair is moisturised. Hydrating products like serums, sprays, or leave-in conditioners are great for keeping your hair looking fabulous and keeping it manageable when travelling,” says Dilshad.

Hydration Rules

Hydrate. Then, hydrate some more. “Most of us don’t drink enough water throughout the day. Travelling takes a toll on our body, hair, skin, and nails, so it becomes even more important to stay hydrated. Staying hydrated keeps you looking your best and helps prevent premature ageing,” explains, Shoaib.

Prepping your hair for your travels is best done with the a oil massage a day before you leave. We recommend:

These expert tips are to sure have your locks looking lustrous and healthy on vacation.

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