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What’s In My Suitcase: 9 Travel-Friendly Beauty & Personal Care Products To Carry On A Vacation

What’s In My Suitcase: 9 Travel-Friendly Beauty & Personal Care Products To Carry On A Vacation

If I’m being honest, I nitpick when packing vacay outfits and stick to versatile pieces that can be styled in many ways in an attempt to travel light. But I know for certain that my skin and hair are going to react differently to the climate of the place I’m visiting, so compromising on beauty products isn’t in the cards. When I look back on my memories, I look at how naturally beautiful and happy I am in my vacation pictures, and my outfits are always secondary. I need my skin and hair to look and feel healthy and not necessarily glammed up with makeup for me to truly enjoy my off time. That’s why travel-friendly beauty products that fit in my vacay beauty kit is something I will always ensure I have on vacation. If you too need some tips on what products to carry on your next trip, you can get inspired by my list of faves. Check them out!

9 Travel-Sized Beauty Products To Take On Vacation

Off-Duty Skincare Essentials

You can check the weather forecast all you like, you still won’t be able to predict the weather wherever you’re going. So wether the air is dry or humid, this skincare kit by Foxtale will come through for you. It has a ceramide cream that’s lightweight, healing, and soothes all skin types in any weather. The kit also contains a gentle cleanser, a vitamin C serum, and broad spectrum sunscreen that will keep your skin healthy throughout the trip. Brownie points for that cute handmade pouch crafted by artisans in Jaipur. 

Mini Masks For The Win

A little skin-pampering sesh is always a great idea to unwind on vacation. For that, these mini capsule face packs by Innisfree are really the best. These microdose skincare masks allow for 3 applications per tub. So you don’t have to carry a full-sized product just for one or two uses.

My Favourite Lip Gloss

Enjoy the colour payoff of a nourishing lipstick and the benefits of a lip balm with the ideal lip gloss. My go-to lip gloss has always been the Dior Addict Lip Plumping Gloss but my new favourite is the recently launched Type Beauty Lip Lustre that is super pigmented and deeply hydrates my chapped lips.


Bath & Body Kit

Hands down the best travel-sized body care kit you can invest in. Consisting of a hair spa which is a 2-n-1 shampoo + conditioner, sandalwood-infused body wash, and a relaxing scalp and hair mask, this Travel Pack by Armutam is a vacation staple.

Frizzy Hair Hero

My dry, frizzy hair with a 2C curl pattern NEEDs constant hydration and refreshments to look tame. The newly launched Fix My Curls Ready, Set, Refresh Spray always comes to my rescue as it refreshes my curls without having to wash them. It also works as a serum spray post hair-wash. For anyone with straight-to-wavy hair, the travel-sized Mystic Valley Monoi de Tahiti Frizz Control Hair Serum is a great choice.

One Palette Is All You Need

Taking a break from makeup is a good call on vacation but that doesn’t mean you can’t have any makeup on whatsoever. A little bit of makeup can come in handy if you want to explore the destination’s best nightlife joints. This POPxo Hot Damn! Face & Eye Palette will get you party-ready as it offers a pretty pigmented blush that can also serve as a bronzer, a glitzy highlighter, setting powder, and two warm-toned eyeshadow shades that can create effortless smokey eyes.

Pimple Patches

Don’t let breakouts ruin your vacation. When a pimple pops up, put on a pimple patch and smile. These Gush Beauty Dart It Pimples Patches come in cute designs and they suck out all the gunk from pimples, making them vanish overnight. They also add that Kawai aesthetic to your vacation look.


Deodorant Duties

You will fall in love with these natural deodorants by Juicy Chemistry. These are basically deodorant balms made from natural ingredients to keep your pits fresh all the time.

Skincare Tint

Last but not least, skincare tints. It could be a lip & cheek tint, a tinted moisturiser or tinted sunscreen, whatever you like. The Forest Trove Lip & Cheek tints are my favourite as they are infused with skincare and give the effects of blush and face gloss in one swipe. The Sandiva SPF Top-Up Loose Powder is also a tinted sunscreen formula on my travel list that offers light coverage for anyone who is conscious about uneven skin tone and blemishes.

Go on and collect these travel-friendly beauty products to take on your trip this holiday season.

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16 Dec 2022

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