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Celebrating Pride: 3 Transwomen On Their Personal Style & The Liberating Power Of Fashion

Celebrating Pride: 3 Transwomen On Their Personal Style & The Liberating Power Of Fashion

American actor Billy Porter calls himself a “walking piece of political art” and uses fashion to do most of the talking for him. Back in 2019, when MET Gala introduced one of its most iconic themes, Camp, Billy surely stole the scene in his “Sun God ensemble” and Cleopatra-inspired entry. For Billy, fashion is political. 

The drag queens you’ll find performing at Kitty Su Delhi completely transform themselves for their stage characters. I personally know the person who plays Shabnam Be-wa-fa and know for a fact that the sequins on the character’s shimmer gowns feed his soul. He draws a certain joy from the magic that can be created in the drag avatar. For him, fashion is a celebration. 

Alok Vaid Menon envisions a genderless future and uses fashion as its projection. From colour pop minis to floral tuxedos they embrace it all in an attempt to de-gender fashion. For them, fashion is subversion.  

One of Karnataka’s first trans woman doctors, Trinetra Haldar Gummaraju has a certain thing for sarees and jhumkas. Every time she is told that she cannot be a woman, she flips her pallu and proudly replies “watch me!” Fashion for her is pride. 

Well, whoever thought of fashion as frivolous, or just as a means of looking good, could use a quick lesson right now. Fashion is an emotion, fashion is an expression, fashion is the projection of your truest soul. Fashion actually is so meaningful and a huge part of the credit here goes to the LGBTQIA+ community for ascribing it with the meaning. And while a lot of brands and individuals might be lost on the idea, Raisin Global understands it. For their latest new campaign, they roped in three transwomen to model for their collection and pictures will leave you lovestruck. We recently got in touch with all three of these transwomen and talked to them about their style and what fashion means to them. Read on: 

Nitasha Biswas: Fashion As A Path To One’s Real Self

Raisin Global

India’s first transgender beauty contest winner, and Miss Australia 2019, Nitasha Biswas thinks of fashion as the path to her real self. “Fashion is a feeling and expression of makes you feel the most comfortable. It is like a feeling of confidence and a path to one’s real self. That fashion for me,” she shares.

It is through fashion that Nitasha feels so much can be revealed about people’s personalities. She adds, “People showcase who they are through fashion. A lot can be understood about people’s true personalities and thinking through the clothes that they are wrapped in.” According to Nitasha, what you wear is what you show to the world. Well, where is the lie?

Nitasha’s style: I rely on colours as an expression of my style. For day outings, I prefer more of a casual, chic look with light pastel colours. However, it definitely has to be nice royal blue or a maroon outfit for evening outings. 

Bonita Singh Rajpurohit: Fashion As Liberation

Raisin Global

For Miss Trans Queen India Runner Up & Co-founder of Durty Fits and Dirt Studio, Bonita Singh Rajpurohit thinks of fashion as a way of liberation. She explains, “Fashion to me means expressing my identity and Personality in the most appropriate or relatable manner.”

She thinks of fashion as something very political. “It can create a conversation or even a movement on things that truly matter. Fashion has so far been the most empowering source for me to express and embrace my identity and there’s nothing more liberating than having the freedom to be yourself.”

Bonita’s personal style: My personal style is very much inspired by the 00s which I think will be coming back in vogue now. 

Namitha Marimuthu: Fashion As Pure Joy

Raisin Global

Miss Trans Star India, CEO, Actress, Social Worker, Namitha Marimuthu believes that fashion is pure joy. “It is the soulful joy I get from my inner self. It lets us express our inner self and also match up with society. Fashion gives us freedom of expression. In many ways in today’s world, fashion is the soulful voice to show our self effortlessly.” 

She adds, “It has always served as a very powerful tool for gender expression. Fashion allows us to express our true self.”

Namita’s personal style: “I’m more of a futuristic fashion person and love trying out new styles every day. I think that secret of great style is to feel good in what you wear. 

Tell us fam, what does fashion stand for you all?

Featured Image: Instagram 

30 Jun 2021

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