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Translucent Brown Hair Colour Is The Vibe Of The Season

Translucent Brown Hair Colour Is The Vibe Of The Season

Photographers get very excited about the golden hour – that precise time of the day when the light falls perfectly across skin and hair to warm it up with a golden glow and make everything look even more beautiful. The same goes for translucent brown hair colour. The shade is tipped to blow up in 2022 and is like a golden-hour filter for your hair. It has the sun-kissed notes of your balayage but retails some of the mystery we associate with brunettes. It’s warm, rich, and dynamic. Beloved by everyone from Hailey Bieber to Shanaya Kapoor and Lily Collins, that’s the reason these celebs look like they’ve just holidayed.

Wanna give your tresses a sun-kissed update? Keep scrolling for six translucent brown hair colour ideas that celebrities are requesting like crazy in 2022.

Translucent Brown Hair Colour Is Ideal For Hot Girl Summer

For An Easy & Edgy Look

If you’re looking for an easy way to elevate your overall look, this hair colour loved by an endless number of celebrities might be just the thing for you. It’s effortless, stand-out and a perf hair switch up for those of us who love being the first one to usher in a new beauty trend without going OTT.  

Spice It Up To Steal The Damn Show

Brunettes and folks with black hair tend to have a difficult time switching up our hair look – and this translucent brown hair colour is a great way to level up brunette and black hair without straying too from your natural hair colour. The real beauty of this hair colour is that it incorporates both warm and cool highlights, making it suit all skin tones. 

This Colour Is Everything

If you need a little help to switch up your hair game and boost your IG feed as well, look no further than this dreamy, versatile, and fashion-forward hair colour. If you are an early adopter of trends and someone who loves indulging in the latest in the beauty world then book your appointment stat. It’s subtle in its approach and edgy enough to help you make a head-turning statement.

For A Subtle Switch That’s High On Style

If you love effortless and classic hair colours, then this delicate brown is the perfect fit for you. It’s pretty cool and makes for one statement-making look.  The best bits? It goes really well with Indian skin tone. We think it’s the best time to have a warmer tone like this luxurious translucent brown hair.

To Put You In A Vacation State Of Mind

For brunette hair, ask for tone-on-tone highlights, which means you can add a very few highlights sporadically around your hair to give your colour movement, depth, and gloss. Her long locks led us to coin a new term. Here it is- cool-girl brown.

The Boldest Take On The Trend

Another ‘It” girl influence, her curls are all about volume and dimension. This brown-on-brown highlight situation is perfect for those who want to reserve lighter highlights for the warmer months.  It looks beautiful on any hair texture, and the shade particularly makes curls pop. 

Let some brightness in.

Featured Image: Instagram

13 Apr 2022

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