#HappyTogether: 10 Traits Of Every Great Relationship

Smriti NotaniSmriti Notani  |  May 6, 2016


Yes, sometimes we all roll our eyes at that super-happy couple we know (mush overload!), but we must confess that we admire them too for what they’ve managed to build! What makes them tick, you wonder? We tell you! Here are some of the traits of every great relationship – go on, take notes!

1. They always have each other’s back

No one dare say something about one to the other – it will not be taken sitting down. Happy Couples 1

2. There’s no room for jealousy.

There is, of course, room for cute-harmless-pretend jealousy; but the actual green-eyed monster better look elsewhere, because this couple ain’t welcoming it! They are secure about each other’s feelings. Happy Couples 2

3.  They don’t wash their dirty linen in public.

If they’ve had a fight (yes, it’s normal to fight), they don’t put it up on Facebook for the world to see! Nor do they talk to the world and its uncle about it. They deal with it and get over it, like adults. Happy Couples 3

4. They build each other up

Imagine having your own personal cheering squad 24×7. With that kind of support, you can be confident about your chances of succeeding in life! Happy Couples 4

5. They laugh together!

This is such an underrated trait, but couples who find each other funny tend to stick it out in the long run. After all, they’ve got each other and generous doses of humour. What more does one need in life to get through the rough patches? Happy Couples 5

6. They try new things together.

They may have very diverse likes and dislikes, but that doesn’t stop them from trying new things out together! They know how to keep things interesting and fun! Happy Couples 6

7. They agree to disagree.

You don’t always agree with the people you love, do you? You may each have your point of view, but that’s okay! Life can go on peacefully if you agree to disagree – and all happy couples know and live by this. Happy Couples 7

8.  They don’t take breaks

Not at the drop of a hat, at least. Happy couples know that the solution to everything isn’t breaking up or taking a break. Sometimes you have to talk, communicate and sort things out together. Happy Couples 8

9.  They don’t shy away from (some) PDA

This doesn’t mean they are ready to jump each other’s bones in public (at least, we hope so!), but they sure don’t shy away from stealing kisses and giving playful hugs to each other. And if you ask us, it’s totally adorbs! Happy Couples 9

10. They are willing to work at it.

Relationships aren’t child’s play. They take work, and sometimes a lot of it. We all have our baggage, but the trick is to not let that get in the way. Happy couples have this all figured out. They know that sometimes it’s going to be a rough climb, but they are happy to go trekking together. 🙂 Happy Couples 10 GIFs: fanpop, wikia, tumblr MUST-READ: 15 Things About Love We Can Learn From Our Favourite TV Couples MUST-READ: 11 Signs You And Your Man Make One Badass Couple! MUST-READ: 50 + Love Marriage Quotes To Add A Little More Romance To Your Relationship!