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10 Beautiful Forms Of Embroidery For Your Wedding Lehenga!

10 Beautiful Forms Of Embroidery For Your Wedding Lehenga!

Every bride wants to look and feel special in her wedding attire. She dreams about the day she gets to adorn that perfect outfit for the world to see. And so, it’s understood that a lot of thought is put into the selection of that unique lehenga, in which she will walk towards her happily ever after. We’re here to make sure that this dream is realized, and that you look nothing short of gorgeous on your big day. Here’s a list of traditional embroidered lehengas that’ll help you stand out on your big day!


1. Zingy Zardozi

1 traditional embroideries of India

Earlier, zardozi embroidery was done with real silver and gold metal threads, but now it’s done with copper wires which are coated with silver or gold. But this change hasn’t affected its popularity, and it is still among the most popular form of embroidery for heavy outfits today. Elaborate designs along with the rich sheen – this is just the type of work you want to choose if you want to shine on your D-Day!

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2. Kantha Ka Kaam

2 traditional embroideries of India

This traditional embroidery comes from Bengal and is extremely popular because of its intricate detailing. It is a combination of running stitches, woven seamlessly to create patterns that resemble trees, animals, etc. A lehenga that’s beautified with kantha work ends up looking extraordinarily breathtaking, we say.

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3. Chikankari Charm

3 traditional embroideries of India

This hand embroidery technique that comes from Lucknow is famous all over the world for the remarkable work done in white threads on cool colours. And when it is done on heavy wedding lehengas, it looks graceful and subtly distinctive. This is commonly known as Lucknowi work.

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4. Gorgeous Gota Patti

4 traditional embroideries of India

The origin for this art form lies in Rajasthan. It’s basically a combination of applique and zari ribbons to create unusual patterns all over the outfit. Generally complemented with kinari work, this is an outstanding choice of embroidery for every bride-to-be. Perfect idea for the mehendi outfit, ladies!

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5. Pretty Phulkari

5 traditional embroideries of India

Phulkari or flower work embroidery comes from Punjab. Vibrantly coloured threads are used to create stunning designs that are mostly used on dupattas and shawls. A lehenga made using this technique will not just be one of its kind, it’ll also make you stand out like no one else.

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6. Magnificent Mukaish

6 traditional embroideries of India

Generally complementing chikankari, mukaish or mokaish is the use of thin metal wires, inserted into the fabric and then flattened out, to make it look like tiny sprinkles of metal all around the outfit. This type of work makes a garment shine without making it look too over the top. It looks best when combined with some other form of hand embroidery.

POPxo Recommends: Maroon Velvet Lehenga With Mukaish Work (Rs 65,250)

7. Cut Dana Glam

7 traditional embroideries of India

Cut dana work is a type of embroidery in which the stone has been cut in a manner that when light touches its surface it reflects the same and that give is a beautiful sheen. Coming from times when different royal houses would add stones to their outfits to differentiate their legacy from that of other royals, cut dana embroidery is extremely popular in many other countries too. So, there’s no taking away from the fact that a lehenga with this kind of work will make you look every bit like a queen!

POPxo Recommends: Red Heavy Cutdana Embroidery Lehenga (Rs 67,275)

8. Shimmery Shisha

8 traditional embroideries of India

This is a type of mirror work that is common in Gujarati culture and clothes. It is a form of embroidery that requires attaching tiny mirrors on the fabric along with interwoven threads to make the outfit look like a shiny armour. This, along with other forms of embroidery, will make the wedding outfit look like a piece of art.

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9. Dreamy Dabka

9 traditional embroideries of India

It is that work in which thin coil-like metal wires are sewn together with the thread passing through it to make intricate designs. It belongs to Rajasthan but is now known worldwide. A lot of effort goes into creating just one piece and thus it is considered exceptional karigari. A lehenga made using this method is pretty much every bride’s dream!

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10. Alluring Applique

10 traditional embroideries of India

A French word that means “applied”, applique is a form of art in which a surface pattern or a fabric swatch is applied on top of an existing base of fabric. Nowadays, designers use creative ways to render this art into wedding lehengas. Embroidery is done to make magnificent designs and they look amazing when worn.

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29 Aug 2016

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