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PSA: 6 Nasty Ingredients You Need To Avoid In Your Makeup Products

PSA: 6 Nasty Ingredients You Need To Avoid In Your Makeup Products

We agree – when buying makeup products, the packaging, colours, formulas, and look and feel takes the center stage. And while we’re not ashamed to admit that reading the inkey list of beauty products sometimes makes our head spin, it’s crucial to be aware of what we put on our bodies. Certain ingredients should be avoided, as per countless studies suggesting that they could cause substantial damage – from irritation and reproductive issues to tumour and endocrine disruption. So before you go cleaning out your entire makeup cabinet, scroll on to know all the nasties in your makeup kit that need to be avoided.

Check Your Makeup Products – Here Are 6 Toxic Ingredients To Avoid



Formaldehyde is responsible for extending the shelf life of makeup products and preventing bacterial infections, but it’s a known skin irritant and carcinogenic ingredient. If you ever found yourself with your eyes burning after an in-salon straightening treatment, formaldehyde might be the culprit behind it. 

Synthetic Colour And Fragrance

The primary reason why brands use synthetic fragrances over natural ones is because of the fact that they last longer. Synthetic fragrances can last for up to 5 years in contrast to natural ones that last up to one or two years. It also covers up the foul smells created by the rest of the ingredients used in the making. Products made from synthetic fragrances and colours impose a risk of irritation, skin infections, as well as allergies and should be avoided. 


Lead is a naturally found ingredient in makeup. From kajal to lipstick – it’s found in a number of cosmetic products. High levels of lead in the body can lead to poisoning symptoms such as irritability and fatigue. We advise opting for lipsticks that use natural ingredients to infuse colour and stay away from traditional eye cosmetics especially if you’re a mum-to-be.


Paraben is another harmful additive that might be lurking in your makeup tubes and bottles. The nasty ingredient is dangerous and can wreak havoc on your sex hormone. Experts vary to steer clear of parabens because they are also linked with skin and breast cancer. 


From adding shine to imparting a silky texture, and smoothening benefits – silicones offer a myriad of benefits that make them one of the most-used ingredients in cosmetics. They are known to make our primers, creams, foundations, and lipsticks go on easily and leave the skin looking velvety and smooth. But silicones accumulate on the skin when used regularly and are difficult to remove. The occlusive property of silicones makes them harmful, especially for folks with acne-prone skin as the barrier formed by silicone traps the dirt, oil, and dead skin cells worsening the condition. 


Phthalates are used to give a beautiful texture to creams and lotions. They also help enhance the fragrance and colour and prevent oil-based formulations from staining. The ingredient, however, can damage the liver and kidneys and cause reproductive issues as well as endocrine disruption. Folks with acneic skin are more prone to their negative effects as it might make your acne worse and can cause more breakouts. It’s best to steer clear of phthalates. 

We know what not to buy now!

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24 Nov 2022

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