Today’s Women Are Cancelling Toxic Beauty Standards & We Are Here For It

Rimsha SheikhRimsha Sheikh  |  Sep 9, 2021
Today’s Women Are Cancelling Toxic Beauty Standards & We Are Here For It


Since the beginning of time, the world has given its residents a certain standard of beauty to measure up to. From vintage black and white magazines to extremely vigour Instagram posts – women across the world are still receiving an updated newsletter on the latest beauty standard that a girl needs to make the grade for, in order to be desirable. While it’s still a major WIP, there are certain beauty standards that today’s women have smashed eloquently. And what better day to acknowledge good riddance of these limiting beauty standards than the International Beauty Day?

Beauty Ideal? No More

Here are some of our favourite pyramids of toxic beauty standards that have come to tumble due to headstrong actions and feminine unity.

Mirror Mirror On The Wall, Who’s The Fairest Of Them All?

Do you remember when having a fair skin tone was unabashedly announced as the top preference? It’s 2021, and not only our society has shamed skin whitening creams to change their names but also got the government to blacklist the term ‘skin whitening’ in the keyword search. Finally, people are understanding that you can look beautiful in all skin colours, and that you can’t change the skin colour you were born with just with face cream (that was pretty dumb TBH). Way to go superwomen!

Move Over Body Shaming, We’re All Body Positive Here

Getting shamed for their body shape or size has been an unavoidable path of a woman’s life. Someone’s too fat, someone’s too thin, they’re too short, or they’re too tall. Women have finally taken the high road to body positivity in the hopes of building a community that doesn’t treat anyone differently solely on the basis of their body shape.

Hashtag Bare Skin Selfies FTW

Makeup selfies are very cool, but so are bare-skin selfies! Women are taking to their social platforms to show off their natural skin in all its glory. Skin positivity is a thing now and we are all in for accepting our skin for all it has – textures, pigmentation, acne, and whatnot. This revolution is a result of not accepting the irrelevant pressure of looking perfect at all times. After all, we are all human and there must be no shame in accepting ourselves in our natural skin.

Which beauty standard would you like to shatter out of this millennium?

Featured Image: Pexels