TOXIC! 7 Beauty Ingredients You Need To Run Far, Far Away From

Priyanka GhuraPriyanka Ghura  |  May 6, 2016


From your sunscreen to your face wash, you probably think you’re doing the best you can for your skin. But there are plenty of toxic ingredients in your fave beauty products that are actually doing more harm than good. We give you a few components in your everyday products that are bad for you and will definitely have you rethinking your daily beauty regime. Check the label for these before splurging on your next big skincare or makeup buy.

Lead In Lipsticks

beauty products that are bad for you

It was discovered that almost all lipsticks contain lead several years ago. Since then, most brands have reduced the levels to a minimal amount, but any level of lead is harmful for us. Especially since we love wearing lipstick all the time and apply it again and again several times in a day, which could make those tiny amounts of lead even more dangerous. Some lead-free lipsticks are The Body Shop Lip Colour Garnet, Revlon Colorstay Lip Colour and Tarte Inside Out Vitamin Lipstick.

Mercury In Creams

Yup, while you’re moisturizing your skin, you run the risk of exposing yourself to toxic levels of mercury as well as other metals. Mainly found in anti-aging and skin lightening creams by many Indian and international brands, mercury/mercurio/mercurous chloride can cause mercury poisoning, irritability and memory problems. It’s also used a lot in mascaras. Always remember to check the label for such ingredients, we’re never going to stop nagging you to do that. And if there is no list of ingredients, put it down immediately. Opulence Eye Cream For Wrinkles, Dark Circles and Puffiness is an amazing option to keep your peepers young without having to worry about the risks of mercury. Also, we love Tarte’s Mascara and all their cosmetics for being totally safe and chemical-free.

Parabens in Anything

beauty products that are bad for you

A wide class of preservatives that prevent the growth of mold and bacteria and basically help your fave products last longer are what parabens are. No, it’s not as good as it sounds because they’ve been known to affect estrogen activity and increase the risks of breast cancer. Commonly found in deodorants, toothpastes, face washes, shampoos and body washes, this is one ingredient you definitely need to check for. Brands like Miessence and Khadi are safe options and 100% organic and paraben free.

Alcohol In Cleansers

Alcohol is a common ingredient used in toners, cleansers and shampoos. They are often used to give that weightless effect in a skincare product and to help it penetrate the skin deeper, since it breaks down the barriers of the skin. In other words, it’s a harsh ingredient that can majorly dry out your skin and your hair as well as cause irritation. We love Neutrogena’s Alcohol Free Toner and Himalaya Herbals Anti-Hair Fall Shampoo.

Sunscreens With Vitamin A

beauty products that are bad for you

Who would think that anything with a Vitamin in it could be harmful right? Well, retinyl palmitate is a form of Vitamin A, which is known to slow down the aging process but can cause plenty of other skin problems. It is an ingredient used in most sunscreens and night creams which can cause tumors and cancers when exposed to the sun. It’s pretty scary to think you’re doing more harm than good when you thought you were protecting your skin. To be on the safe side, opt for a brand like Himalaya Herbals Protective Sunscreen Lotion instead.

Scented Cosmetics

“Fragrance” is a vague term used by plenty of beauty brands that could actually mean a concoction of harmful chemicals. Commonly found in moisturizers, perfumes, shampoos, conditioners and body washes, fragrance mixes can cause headaches, allergies, skin irritation and even respiratory problems. Check the label of that yummy smelling body lotion you love just to be on the safe side. You can look out for chemicals like phthalates and ethoxylated surfactants or ‘eth’ to stay away from. It’s always smarter to go for unscented or fragrance-free beauty products.

Aluminium Powder in Eye Makeup

beauty products that are bad for you

A key ingredient in highly pigmented eyeshadows, eyeliners and waterproof mascaras, aluminium powders are strongly linked to cancer and neurotoxicity. Do you need any more reason to go organic with your skin and makeup products? Especially if you love adding a pop of colour to your peepers. Eve Organics Beauty is amazing for pure mineral makeup. Also Nvey Eco, Australia is a great, safe brand made from soothing ingredients.

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