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Toxic Beauty Habits That Team POPxo Is Leaving Behind In 2021

Toxic Beauty Habits That Team POPxo Is Leaving Behind In 2021

Sleeping in my makeup– a toxic beauty habit that took a long time and much effort to get over. We all are aware of certain toxic skincare, makeup or hair care habits that can easily ruin our skin’s or hair’s health, aren’t we? Whether it’s as lazy as sleeping in your makeup, or as innocent as using makeup wipes to remove it, we’re all guilty of having them at some point in our lives. While our beauty addict hearts always include healthier skincare and haircare practices in our new year resolutions, the list keeps hitting refresh every year! So do you want to peep at Team POPxo Beauty’s hall of shame? Take a look at our team’s toxic beauty habits that are being left behind with 2021.

Saying Goodbye To Over-Exfoliating

I love experimenting with chemical exfoliants and sometimes I just go overboard with them. My toxic beauty habit has definitely got to be over-exfoliating my skin and stripping my moisture barrier. I am planning on sticking with weekly or bi-weekly use of my fave chemical exfoliants, and barrier building skincare throughout the week.

Nidhi Kavle, Beauty Editor

Giving Importance To Body Care Too

Not applying lotion on my body. The skin on my face gets so much love and attention from me but my body is like the neglected stepchild. In 2022, I’m taking an oath to apply body lotion and oil to it and give my arms and legs a massage before and after a shower.

Anandita Malhotra, Junior Editor

Not Showering My Hair With Love

Neglecting my haircare! I am so taken by my skincare products and routines, that I leave my hair uncared for most of the time. My bad haircare habits won’t be seeing the light of the day in 2022. We’re talking heavy hair masking, weekly champis, silk pillow covers and satin scrunchies all the way!

Rimsha Sheikh, Senior Beauty Writer

Skipping Sunscreen At Home

Not wearing sunscreen Indoors. Skipping on sunscreen has put the rest of my skincare efforts to waste. Dark spots are getting worse without sunscreen even if I do use other corrective products. And so, sunscreen is going to be my go-to product every day.

Eden Norhona, Senior Beauty Writer

Bidding Farewell To Wearing Makeup To The Gym

I used to wear makeup to the gym as I simply did not have time to wash it off after work. But it’s best to avoid doing so because sweat brought on by exercise can lead to open pores which can then become blocked by particles of make-up. This can easily lead to breakouts and, in turn, uneven skin texture.

Ayushi Verma, Beauty Writer

Which toxic beauty habit are you a victim to?

Featured Images: Instagram

31 Dec 2021

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