Makeup Isn’t Cancelled Thanks To These Trendy Lipstick Shades That Everyone Is Wearing RN

Ayushi VermaAyushi Verma  |  Jun 16, 2021
Top 3 Lipstick Trends For 2021




Of course, we realize the totems of 2021 like less IRL interaction, constant mask-wearing, etc will continue to be our reality for the next couple of months. But the best part is experimenting with all things beauty is that you’re doing it for yourself. And what better way to treat yourself than to give your lipstick stash an upgrade.

To keep things super straightforward, we’ve scouted the reigning textures, colours, and styles to keep on your radar this year. Whether you love a lip-plumping gloss, a balm, or a lip stain that doubles as blush, scroll through to find the lip trends that are having a moment right now along with the all-star products to toss in your purse ASAP.

3 Swoon-worthy Lip Trends That We Are Loving Right Now

‘90s-Inspired Brown-Lined Pout

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Since everything seems to circle back, the one beauty fad that’s making the rounds in 2021 is the 90s brown lip liner trend. As much as we loved the look back when Jennifer Lopez and the Spice Girls were wearing it, the iterations sweeping the ‘gram right now are ultra-glam and are a great way to elevate even the most basic makeup look. From Ariana Grande to Shay Mitchel- all the celebs are playing up this retro trend. And as for pairing it with certain makeup looks, there’s a lot of versatility with brown lipsticks

You can wear it with a daytime look or for a big night out. Ready to take a time machine back to the ‘90s? Just prep your lips and focus the liner that’s 2 to 3 on the outer corner of your lips before lightly feathering it around the rest of the mouth. Fill it in with a peachy-nude hue and coat it with a gloss. All you need is this liner-lipstick duo to master the now modernized old-school lip trend.

A Plumped-Up Pout

Beauty trends come and go, but some trends can stand the test of time, a pouty lip is one of ‘em. The trend has spread like wildfire and the spotlight on fuller lips has been shining brighter than ever. Thanks to the ultimate beauty queen aka Kylie Jenner for her undeniable lip-centric influence. Although injecting lip-fillers is the go-to way to ace fuller lips. However, it comes with real risks when done incorrectly.

But just because you don’t want a full-blown commitment doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy yourself a perfectly plumped-up pout. So if you’re looking for needle-free ways to make your lips big and juicy, we’ve listed our fave pigmented gloss and a creamy balm that will help you perfect that pout.

Lip And Cheek Stain

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TBH, long-wear lipsticks are more relevant than ever before. Although, there’s been a definitive shift in focus from our pouts right now, that’s not to say that we’ll have no need for a megawatt lip moment in the coming months. Stained lips are having a moment right now and we are officially obsessed with it. All you need to do is apply a couple of coats of your favourite stain and blot in between each application – this will let you stain your lips and allow you to wear a bold colour with it getting smeared all over your face if you end up putting a mask.

Benetint is our absolute favourite. The colour range is epic and the lightweight formula feels super amazing on the lips and the cheeks. If you are looking for a more budget option, go for Ilana cosmetic’s beetroot tint to do the magic for you.

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