No Movie Plans? Here Are 5 Netflix Shows You Can Watch With Your Boyfriend!

Sanchit KheraSanchit Khera  |  Sep 14, 2017
No Movie Plans? Here Are 5 Netflix Shows You Can Watch With Your Boyfriend!


Netflix and Chill for the win! There’s nothing better than watching a great show with your SO in bed, all curled up for a bit of snuggling while your phone is already on silent mode! Sunday morning, when there’s nothing to do but to sip some hot tea while watching some of the best TV shows of the year. Isn’t that like the best feeling ever?

If you haven’t already subscribed to the streaming website Netflix, you should DO SO NOW! Here are top five Netflix shows you should watch with your partner!


1 shows on netflix - Love

This quirky, yet charming duo of the nerdy but practical guy Gus meeting his on-again off-again complex and confused love interest Mickey (played by Gillian Jacobs from the show Community) is only the cutest thing ever. If you’ve ever loved shows with complicated love stories that are both relatable and fun – this is the right show for you. You’ll also instantly fall in love with Mickey’s roommate, Bertie, who’s like your cheerful bestie, always there to cheer you up!

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2. Designated Survivor

2 shows on netflix - Designated Survivor

To put it plainly, this TV show is insane! It’s about this guy who becomes the President of the US because a terrorist bombs the capitol building. He’s the designated survivor incase everyone dies (which actually comes true). What’s interesting is how he deals with his problems with his loving wife by his side, who’s actually an immigration lawyer helping fleeing immigrants get citizenship and safety. This is a smart drama-series that’s well suited for those who like a bit of suspense and mystery in their favourite TV shows.

3. Ozark

3 shows on netflix - Ozark

Funny sounding name, but what a great TV show! It follows the journey of this family that looks all normal and fine at first glance, but they’re actually money launderers who work with the mafia. The family is on the run and tries to work together to escape the goons that are trying to kill them if they don’t make $8Million in 72 hours. Freaky right? The journey of the husband-wife when they work out their differences, the cute kids that are all about exploring the new town they’re in, and the funny characters that evade their lives, all mix into a hot curry of interesting episodes – one better than another.

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4. Black Mirror

4 shows on netflix - Black Mirror

Are you a couple that likes technology and good storylines? If you’re a fan of all things weird and cool, then Black Mirror is literally the show for you. It’s got about 20 episodes across 3 Seasons but you can watch any episode at any time as they’re not inter-connected. One episode looks at what happens if Instagram like technology starts to rate humans from 1-5*. We would all become fake and try to earn as many 5*s as possible. There’s another one that’s called “San Junipero” – it’s about this couple that falls in love in a virtual world because they’re not able to meet in the real world. It’s such a brilliantly conceptualized and produced series!

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5. Santa Clarita Diet

5 shows on netflix - Santa Clarita Diet

Drew Barrymore plays a zombie and she is downright adorable in this show. The story revolves around how her husband and she end up in hilarious circumstances (because of her new diet) that make things awkward and funny. The underlying theme of this series is the strength of commitment, being there for your loved ones through thick and thin. So, watch this one, you won’t regret it.

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