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We’re Calling It! These 5 Bigg Boss OTT Contestants Have What It Takes To Be Finalists

We’re Calling It! These 5 Bigg Boss OTT Contestants Have What It Takes To Be Finalists

Last night’s Bigg Boss OTT episode was quite intense, right? TBH, it’s not surprising at all because we were expecting nothing less after the Sunday Ka Vaar episode. Having said that, we were pretty shocked to see how the power dynamics changed in the house after Sidharth Shukla and Shehnaa Gill’s appearance. While Divya Agarwal became the gharwala with a black heart, Nishant Bhat and Moose Jattana became everyone’s BFFs. Hmm… Kaafi OTT!

While the gharwalas’ sudden change of heart was a little appalling (not unusual though), we agree that Nishant is one of the strongest sadasya in the house. He is entertaining, calculative, sticks to his POV and is loyal to his connection. In short, he is defs Bigg Boss OTT Top 5 material. And, he thinks so himself. While talking to a leading daily recently, he said that he had a dream before entering the house that he’d be among the top contestants.

He said, “Mere sapne mein ek cheez definitely aayi hai and kaafi baar aayi hai. Wo jo top 5 mein jaa kar pyro girta hai na? Aur wo jo apni journey dikhate hai? Wo Maine dekha hai apne sapne mein. Udhar tak ka mujhe pata hai, ki ye aayi hai mere sapne mein toh udhar tak main lad lunga. Uske baad trophy ki baat hai, toh wo audiences ke upar hai (I have seen one thing in my dreams a lot of times. The pyro that falls when you reach in top five and the flashback of your journey in the house that they (BB) show? I have seen that in my dreams. I know I’ll reach that point by fighting hard because I have seen it in my dreams. As far as the trophy is concerned, that’s up to the audience.)


It seems like Nishant’s dream is going to turn into reality very soon. In fact, here are the gharwalas who might accompany the choreographer in the top five and give him a tough competition.

4 Contestants We Expect To See In The Bigg Boss OTT Finale

These four gharwalas, apart from Nishant, have strong chances of making it to the finale along with him.

Shamita Shetty


NGL, Shamita Shetty has been a surprise package in the house. While we expected her to be calm and controlled, the actress has been fiercely outspoken. She takes up a fight when she needs to and is coming across as a natural leader. She’s sensible, puts across her point clearly, and is unabashedly herself. TBH, the only thing going against her RN is KJo’s unnecessary support that’s making him look biased AF in front of the audience!

Divya Agarwal


The first SKV was not kind to Divya Agarwal at all and we kinda-sorta understand why. Having said that, there’s no doubt that the actress is one of the toughest contestants in the house. She knows how to stay in the limelight, create connections, and win a task.

Pratik Sehajpal


Annoying AF! But, you cannot deny that he is that one contestant who has grabbed everyone’s attention from the word go. Unnecessary fights, over-enthusiasm during the tasks, and the zeal to win—that’s Pratik Sehajpal for you. Also, he has a rational side to him as well that’s becoming evident ever since he has become the Boss Man. Overall, he’s quite an OTT gharwala and that is surely working in his favour.

Neha Bhasin


We kinda agree with KJo that Neha Bhasin can be a voice of reason sometimes. ‘Sometimes’, being the keyword here. She’s influential in the house, reasonable, assertive, and the complete opposite of diplomatic. NGL, we want to see this one in the Top 5!

So fam, who do you think is the strongest of the lot?

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17 Aug 2021

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