You Can Get That Picture-Perfect Smile At Home & Here’s What You Need To Do

KanupriyaKanupriya  |  Aug 24, 2021
You Can Get That Picture-Perfect Smile At Home & Here’s What You Need To Do

Is “smile” the first thing you notice on anyone? Does a beautiful smile help to increase one’s confidence and improve one’s personality? Do you think a pleasing smile can turn the world around? Do you think a pleasant smile relieves stress or elevates mood? Do you think a beautiful smile will make one look attractive and help one succeed? Believe it or not, a smile is a curve that sets everything straight!

But we’re not going to lie,  getting that ‘picture-perfect smile’ is not always easy.  A lot of us have inhibitions about our smiles and one of the major reasons behind that is the alignment of our teeth. 

Well, don’t you worry! We finally have a solution to all your smile woes—toothsi aligners!


And guess what? You won’t be able to spot these aligners because they are transparent. They’re also tasteless, and more comfortable than you could ever imagine.  So getting toothsi aligners and of course, maintaining your dental hygiene can do wonders for your smile. You can forget all about pouts because it’s now time to smile freely.

Intrigued? Here are some tips to get that picture-perfect smile you have always dreamt of:

1.  Do Not Ignore Gaps Between Your Teeth

A gap or space between the teeth is called diastema. There are several factors that cause large gaps between your teeth. It is a common dental concern and can be treated with the help of aligners. These aligners put pressure on the teeth and gradually move them together. Easy-peasy! 

2. Easiest Way To Have A Perfect Smile? Just toothsi


If you are looking for an easier alternative to visiting an orthodontist, then toothsi aligners are what you need. All you have to do is book an online appointment.  And before you know it, a toothsi scan expert will be at your doorstep. That’s right—you won’t even have to step out of your house! They will take a 3D scan of your teeth and clear all your doubts. In case toothsi is not available in your city, you can order a home impression kit. With the kit and expert orthodontist guidance, you can share impressions of your teeth with toothsi team, and they will make a smile plan for you.

The smile plan is created by a team of orthodontists who have over 10 years of experience. The 3D representation of the treatment plan based on your scans will show you how your teeth will look after they get aligned.

After going through the smile plan, you can make the payment and receive the aligners within a few days.  They are transparent, durable, tasteless, and BPA-free (a chemical compound that’s known to be carcinogenic). And, in case you have any queries, toothsi experts are always available to help you out.  It doesn’t matter how crooked your teeth are, because toothsi can handle them all easily. And as per the demand of the case, toothsi can even help you get treatments at their partner clinics. Before you ask, these clinics strictly follow COVID-19 safety protocols, just like toothsi. You can choose your preferred clinic or the one nearest to your place and leave all your worries behind when you visit them.

 3.  Rise and Shine (Literally) With toothsi Spark -Teeth Whitening Kit


Remember those ads where someone’s teeth would light up the entire room? Yeah, that’s an exaggeration. But if you are looking for a subtle way to add shine to your smile, you have to try toothsi spark – a teeth whitening kit.

Just order a toothsi spark kit and follow the instructions on your manual. All you have to do is apply the gel in the pen on your teeth and then wear your UV adapter later. There, done! Rise and shine, hon!

 4.  Floss It Out

 It’s great if you brush twice a day, but you should also floss regularly. Flossing is not just about getting rid of food particles, it also stimulates the gums and reduces plaque. 

5.  Keep Yourself Hydrated & Eat Your Veggies

Drink water after every meal as it lowers the negative effects of sticky and acidic foods and beverages. Add fresh fruits and veggies to your diet, as they contain healthy fibers and are great for your teeth.

So, fam, isn’t this the easiest way to get that picture-perfect smile you have always wished for? You are definitely going to thank toothsi for giving you a million-dollar smile, book an appointment with just toothsi now!

*This is a sponsored post for toothsi