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An Essence Is The Skincare BFF You Need RN: Here’s How It Differs From Toners

An Essence Is The Skincare BFF You Need RN: Here’s How It Differs From Toners

Korean women are living proof that healthy, perfect skin can be achieved with a 10-step skincare routine and no voodoo. Overwhelmed? Yes, we too, were astonished at the 10-step skincare routine they follow. But the only way to address your skin woes is by building a skincare routine personalised for your skin type, texture and concerns.

So cleanse, cleanse again, exfoliate, tone, use essence, apply serum, mask away your woes with sheet mask… Phew! There’s more. They also apply under eye cream, face cream or moisturiser and then slather on a good amount of SPF to protect the skin. That’s about it. Are you as perplexed as we are by the term “essence?” Let’s take a look at why essence is the newest beauty craze to hit the ‘gram.

What Is An Essence & Why Include It In Your Skincare Regime?


Essences are merely one of many steps in a 10-step Korean skin care routine. Essences, which are not to be confused with toners, are designed to deliver moisture in a concentrated liquid form. An essence’s main purpose is to hydrate the skin by providing moisture to the skin to aid in the absorption of succeeding products. One of the most important parts of the Korean skincare routine, essences also accelerate skin cell turnover (perfect to reverse ageing) while smoothing the skin.

How Do You Apply Essence On Your Skin?

When using essences, treat them as if they were serums. Water-based (thinner) essences should be used first, followed by thicker products such as moisturiser and sunscreen.

While using a skin essence isn’t considered as a must in your skincare routine, it can undoubtedly be advantageous. Many skin essences can help parched skin get an extra layer of hydration and are excellent for priming the face for makeup.

What Is A Toner?

Are you cleansing right but your skin still feels… meh? It’s because you’ve been avoiding the unsung hero in your skincare routine. A toner eliminates extra dirt and oil and tightens pores more thoroughly than a cleanser alone, as it also holds cleansing and exfoliating properties. A toner is a skincare treatment that prepares your skin so that your active ingredients work properly when you layer them on later. You can use a cotton pad to dab it all over your face or spritz it all over your face.

What Is The Difference Between Essence And Toner?



Toner has a liquid consistency and is available in spray bottles or standard bottles. It can also be administered with a cotton pad. They appear just like your drinking water, but they are far more than that. The essence is also watery. However, depending on the ingredient list of an essence, you may notice a slight variation in consistency.


Toner is a refreshing face mist that truly wakes up your skin. Because it hydrates your skin, it also calms and tones your pores. It can even exfoliate and cleanse your skin depending on its composition. The purpose of an essence is to resurface your skin and even out your skin tone so that the next product may be applied easily on your skin.


Rose, Aloe Vera hydrosol, and essential oils like Neem, Tea tree, Sandalwood, and others are commonly used in toners. Toners are typically mild and easy to apply to your skin as a wake-up call. Essence, on the other hand, may contain modest concentrations of active substances or exfoliating agents such as Glycolic Acid, Apple Cider Vinegar, Kombucha, and so on. They could also include moisturising and therapeutic ingredients, depending on the brand’s vision for the essence.


You must use a toner after cleansing or, ideally, double cleansing. Toner is used in the second or third stage of your morning and evening routines. Toners are safe to use even after washing your face in the middle of the day. After which, you can apply an essence. Because essence is gentle, you can use it in both your morning and evening routines. Essence is applied after toner and always before serum.

When are you upgrading your skincare routine with this Korean gem?

Featured Image: Pexels

03 Jun 2022

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