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Beauty Guide 101: Tips To Make Your Makeup Last  Longer Under That Face Mask!

Beauty Guide 101: Tips To Make Your Makeup Last Longer Under That Face Mask!




A lot has changed because of COVID-19. As we all know, putting on a face mask has become the new normal. In fact, new studies claim that the virus might be airborne and that means that’ll we’ll be stuck with wearing a face mask for a long time. While that’s something we’ve learned to live with, does it imply that you shouldn’t apply makeup? Well, certainly not! We may wear those designer face masks available online to look stylish, but making your makeup last longer under the mask is a task. Thanks to the frequent tugging and pulling which causes friction and the sweating, it’s hard to keep your foundation intact. But don’t you worry child, this step-by-step guide will make sure that your full face of makeup looks flawless, even if it’s hidden under that mask!

A Step-By-Step Guide For Mask-Friendly Makeup


Make sure that you’ve washed your face and that your skin is clean before you start applying makeup. 

Step 1: The first step to making your makeup last longer is to moisturise your skin well. However, please keep in mind that you do not put too much product. It could make your skin feel greasy and the aim here is to form a base that reduces skin friction. Therefore, go for an oil-free moisturiser which absorbs quickly into the skin. If you have oily skin, use a primer.

Step 2: The next step is all about loose powder and setting spray. Use a beauty blender to form a protective layer on your skin which doesn’t easily wither off. This will set up a firm base before you apply the other products.  

Step 3: Apply the foundation with the help of a damp beauty blender. Next, apply a concealer to cover the darker spots. The trick is to first apply the foundation so that you save on the quantity of concealer you end up using. 

Step 4: One of the most crucial steps of makeup application is sealing the deal with loose powder and setting spray. Yup, you got to do this twice now!

Step 5: Now that your base is firm and steady, you can go about applying other products like mascara, a little powder blush, kajal, and eyeshadow. 

Note: You may or may not apply a lipstick since it won’t really be visible. But I suggest that you do keep your lips nourished with a translucent lip balm to avoid staining your mask.


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So, the next time you’re stepping out for groceries, don’t forget to glam up! 

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07 Jul 2020

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