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Solve The Mane Worries: 5 Easy Tips That’ll Make Your Hair Colour Last Much Longer

Solve The Mane Worries: 5 Easy Tips That’ll Make Your Hair Colour Last Much Longer


Let your coloured mane do all the talking!

Dyeing your hair is one of the easiest ways to change your look without compromising on the hair length. Streaks, ombre, or even coloured extensions, there are so many ways you can give yourself a fun makeover.

As lovely as changing your hair colour sounds, maintaining the once vibrant shade is a difficult task. Not to forget all the things you cannot do because it might strip off the hair colour. So, if you love trying out different hues on your tresses, then easy tips will really help you out.

Easy Tips To Make Your Hair Colour Last Longer



If you have daringly decided to colour your mane during the lockdown or wish to revive that gorgeous hair colour that costed a bomb, then you need to keep these helpful tips in mind.

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The Cold Wash


If you ever got your hair dyed by a professional, then you would’ve noticed that they love rinsing your mane with cold water in the end, even in the winters. This is because the cold water helps help seal the hair cuticles, thus increasing the longevity of the hair dye. 

If possible, try washing your mane with cold water, at least for the first 2-3 times to lock in the colour properly. Doing this regularly will also also keep the hair colour looking glossy and maintain your hair’s health.

The Right Hair Products


Your hair colour will fade away after every wash and there’s no doubt about it. We cannot stop it but we can surely slow down the process.

Use a shampoo that is specifically formulated for coloured hair to ensure that your tresses look healthy. Never use a dandruff-free shampoo (unless necessary) as it will strip away the hair colour very easily.

If you regularly dye your mane or have dry hair, then a hair conditioner should be your new BFF. 

Coz Masking Is Always A Fab Idea


Once you colour your hair, there’s no going back. Your hair will slowly start to lose its natural shine and will start becoming coarser to touch.

To delay this process, invest in some conditioning treatments such as a moisturising hair mask that will keep your hair looking healthy, retain its natural luster and keep it soft.

Serum For the Win


Your race to protect and moisturise your coloured mane doesn’t stop here. Protect your hair from the harmful UV rays by applying a hair serum. If possible, choose the one that promises to stop your hair colour from fading away from direct sunlight exposure.

Experiment with Other Colours


Another great way to maintain the hair colour is by getting it retouched regularly. You can either use the exact same shade that your hair colourist used or buy a new one to give it a new look.

There are a lot of temporary hair colours available in the market and right now is the best time to experiment with them.

Ready for that hair flip?

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28 Apr 2021

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