7 EASY Home Remedies To Lighten Dark Lips!

POPxo HindiPOPxo Hindi  |  May 5, 2016
7 EASY Home Remedies To Lighten Dark Lips!


Lips are no doubt one of the most appealing features of a woman’s face. A pretty pucker can naturally light up your face, enhance your look and bring out the beautiful in you with zero effort. What naturally pink lips can do for you, no amount of makeup can. However, over time, our lips lose their natural hue and become darker. Bummer!  There are several factors that can cause our lips to darken – like excessive exposure to sunlight, allergies, using low-quality lipsticks, smoking, high caffeine intake, hormonal imbalance, an unhealthy lifestyle. But here’s the good news – you can get back the natural rosy hue of your lips and wake up looking gorgeously kissable. Here are 7 tips that help lighten dark lips naturally.

1. Sugar? Sweet!

Tips To Lighten Dark Lips Sugar works as a natural exfoliating agent. And like your skin, lips need exfoliation too. Blend two tablespoons of sugar and three tablespoons of butter to make a sugar scrub. You can also add a tablespoon of honey to the scrub as it is a great moisturizer. Massage this scrub gently on your lips once a week for soft pink lips.

2. Lemons For The Win

Lemon has bleaching properties and is often used to treat dark skin patches and sun tan. The same can be used to treat dark lips. Prepare a mixture of lemon juice, glycerine and honey. Apply this on your lips every night before going to bed. This will not only keep your lips hydrated but it also works wonders to lighten the color of your lips.

3. Olive Oil To The Rescue

Tips To Lighten Dark Lips Olive oil is equally good for your lips as it is for your body. It contains nutrients that will work towards a healthier you which will reflect on your face and your lips. Dab few drops of extra virgin olive oil on your lips and massage gently every night before going to bed. The moisturizing property of olive oil will sink into your lips beautifully, giving you younger, softer lips, and it will also bring back your natural hue within a month.

4. Indulge Yourself With Beetroot Juice!

Another solution for dark lips that comes straight out of your kitchen is beetroot. Beetroots have natural bleaching properties that will help make your lips naturally pink and rosy. Apply beetroot juice on your lips before sleeping and rinse it off the next morning. It’s that simple! You can also add in a tablespoon of carrot juice for better results.

5. Pick Up Some Pomegranate

Tips To Lighten Dark Lips If you don’t like the taste of lemons and beetroot on your lips, then pomegranate is the paragon for lightening dark lips. It not only makes your lips a gorgeous rosy pink but it also works as a great moisturizer. Crush/ grind pomegranate seeds and make a paste. Mix this paste with milk cream and massage your lips with this mixture once daily.

6. A Homemade Strawberry Balm? Hell, Yeah!

Don’t splurge on fancy lip balms; instead make your own at home that will not only keep your lips smooth but will also restore their hue back to its natural condition. Mix a tablespoon of strawberry juice with two tablespoons of petroleum jelly and half a tablespoon of aloe vera juice. Apply this on your lips daily.

7. Cool As A Cucumber

Tips To Lighten Dark Lips The cooling properties of cucumber can do wonders to lighten the color of your lips. Take a slice of cucumber and rub it on your lips gently daily. Just including this simple two minute routine to your day will help you witness amazing results. Images: Shutterstock MUST-READ: 7 Genius Ways To Use Your Lip Gloss (NOT On Your Lips!!) MUST-READ: “Is This Normal?” 10 Things About The Vagina You Should Know! How to Lighten Dark Lips in Hindi