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Let’s Get Shopping: 6 Tips To Keep In Mind When You’re Buying A Beauty Gift For Your BFF

Let’s Get Shopping: 6 Tips To Keep In Mind When You’re Buying A Beauty Gift For Your BFF

We all want to shower our loved ones with loads of gifts and even more love. While the latter you could master, the former can sometimes be tricky especially if you’re looking for something in the beauty department. There’s so much to choose from but you don’t want to overspend and buy something that they won’t use. Spending a lot of money on a perfume may be useless if they aren’t into that scent as is buying them skincare if they only use doctor-prescribed products. But don’t worry, there are a few tips that will help you in lessening your odds and buying the best possible gifts that they will cherish.

Come Up With A Budget

First things first, think about how much you’re willing to spend and then move from there. This will help narrow down your search and you won’t be as confused as before. Try to have a ballpark figure in mind and a maximum spending limit. Even your BFF wouldn’t want you to be broke while buying a gift for her.

Spend Some Time Thinking About What They Prefer

Some people are really into skincare so getting them something that you’ve read amazing reviews about is a good idea. Our suggestion would be if you can find a tester set or something for their particular skin type, because that’s when it shows that you really know them. If they’re into makeup, you can go for an eyeshadow palette or a lipstick combo that you’ve seen them rocking.

Look Out For Sales And Discounts

This one is a no-brainer but we tend to shop just before the occasion dictates and oftentimes we end up paying the full price for an item. What we suggest is lookout for slashed prices on the brand websites or retail stores and then you can always give it to them when you want to. You’ll earn some shopping points to use later too.

Pick The Ones Many People Will Like

Spend time and read reviews and talk to people instead of just giving something that worked for you. Everyone’s skin type and preferences vary and they might have a totally different aesthetic than you. Go for cult products that have earned their spot in the sun. When in doubt, choose a set of bath products because everyone likes a beautiful smelling shower gel and body lotion, don’t they?

Pick Experiences That They Would Enjoy

You don’t always have to get a beauty product hamper for someone. You can also gift them some experience that they would enjoy like a nail salon appointment or a gift card for a spa. This shows that you really care about them, and they’re also more universal.

Get Them Beauty Tools That They Would Love

When it comes to beauty tools, we sometimes hold back from indulging. So you can splurge and get them some beauty tools that they would like. If they’re into makeup, a pretty brush set would be lovely and if they’re into looking after their skin, maybe a face roller would be a good idea.

So, let’s get gifting!

Featured Image: Pexels

27 Nov 2020

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