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5 Tips To Applying Perfumes That Will Have You Smelling Fab From H2T Around The Clock

5 Tips To Applying Perfumes That Will Have You Smelling Fab From H2T Around The Clock

When you smell amazing, you feel like a million bucks. Perfumes are possibly the coolest grooming products as they may be invisible to the eye, but to your senses, they are everything! They also act as an identifying factor of how fresh and luxe you actually are. Anyone who smells great instantly makes a great impression on whoever they meet. And that’s why, we fragrance heads are all about getting the most out of our signature blends of perfumes.

But, let’s face it: not all perfumes are strong enough or last long enough according to our liking. It is what it is although there are hacks that say otherwise. If you apply your perfume correctly, you don’t have to worry about it fading away. These tips will help you maximise the potential of your favourite fragrances and have you smelling fab from head-to-toe for long hours.

5 Fragrance Application Tips To Have You Smelling Fresh For Longer Hours


Moisture Mystery

The first mistake anyone could make is wearing a fragrance when the skin isn’t moisturised. You may have showered with hydrating products that smell great too, but if you didn’t moisturise after drying yourself up, you’re doing it wrong. When perfume is sprayed onto dry skin, it evaporates quicker and therefore doesn’t last that long. If you want your perfume to last longer, moisturise your skin with a body lotion or petroleum jelly and then spray away. This will help the scent stick to your skin better and last longer without evaporating.

Spray & Wait

Don’t rub your perfume. We know it’s common practice to spray perfume on your wrist and then rub it on the other wrist and on the neck as well. This is another common mistake that has to be avoided. Instead of rubbing, just spritz and let it absorb into your skin by itself. Rubbing the perfume only makes it wear off.

Pulse Instinct

Spraying a fragrance on your pulse points is the best way to ensure you smell great from head to toe. These specific points are great for holding scents because they are generally more moist and the veins are closest to the skin at these areas. Armpits, wrists, back of the ears, knee pits, elbow pits, and belly button.

Heady Hair

Your hair is much more porous than your skin and therefore it can hold your fragrance much longer than your skin. But since most perfumes have alcohol, applying such scents to your hair can make it dry. So, if you’re serious about smelling amazing, try a hair perfume or apply an oil-based or water-based natural perfume to your hair that does not contain alcohol. But if you want to use your favourite perfume that does contain alcohol on your hair, first apply serum and then spritz the fragrance on your brush. Then gently comb your hair with it.

Fresh Fits

Fragrances for your skin are essential, but if you want to make the most of the scent, spray some on the clothes you are wearing too. Clothes tend to hold the scent all day long as textiles generally do have the ability to do that. Just make sure to practice caution with darker-coloured perfumes as they may stain your outfits. But you won’t know unless you put it to the test! Synthetic materials can also change the way your fragrance smells, so try to use your scents on natural fabrics only.

If you love smelling amazing all the time, add these fragrant beauty essentials to your routine too. We recommend:

With these amazing tips, you’re going to feel fresh and fragrant whenever you step out.

Featured Images: Pexels

07 Jun 2022

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