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7 Tips To Get The *Perfect* Blouse Stitched By Your Tailor!

7 Tips To Get The *Perfect* Blouse Stitched By Your Tailor!

A blouse is incomplete without a sari, and so is a sari without a great blouse. They’re both an essential and equally important part of the complete ensemble. A good blouse can make your sari look a hundred times better and make you more confident! It gives your body a better shape, adds more structure to the garment and makes it more aesthetically pleasing! Here are some top tips to definitely keep in mind while getting yourself a sari blouse stitched!

1. Measurements, Measurements, Measurements!

1 getting a blouse stitched

Always make sure you give your measurements right. This might seem like the obvious thing, but it is the start of getting yourself the perfect blouse ever! Make sure you’re not wearing anything that’s too thick or something that’s not too uncomfortable as well. Always give your tailor the size of your bra for your blouse as well. This way, you can be sure that your blouse will not only fit you well at the bust, but the sleeves will be well-fitted too. If you’re not planning on getting in-built cups, it’s smart to wear the same bra while getting your measurements as you would when you’re planning on wearing the blouse.

2. Balancing The Colours

Yes, this is important too. Matching your sari and blouse is almost a faux pas now, and no one really does that unless it makes for an edgy ensemble. But it is important to keep the blouse design and the sari complementary in at least one aspect. Be it the embroidery, the colour or just an overall pattern running through everywhere. If you plan to make your blouse the centre of attraction because your sari is simple, ensure it’s different enough to be noticed but has some common element or detail with your sari.


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3. Choosing The Right Fabric

3 getting a blouse stitched

This is probably the most important thing after getting your measurements right. The shape of your garment depends a lot on the fabric you pick. Some fabrics are stiff and unbendable, whereas some are so soft that they get crushed in no time! In both these cases, your blouse can end up looking like a disaster! In order to avoid such a situation, ensure that you’re buying a fabric that can be easily cut and stitched. Once you wear it, it should flatter your curves, enhancing the entire look. Some fabrics require a lining, so make sure to choose the perfect colour and material for your lining as well.

4. Wearing The Right Bra

Who likes it when your bra shape is clearly visible through your blouse, protruding out and making for an uncomfortable sight?! Or even straps hanging out from your low-back blouses? No one! It is extremely crucial to wear the right bra with your blouse. There’s enough and more kinds of lingerie out there to suit every kind of blouse back design you’re fancying to get stitched! There are bras available for backless outfits and low-cleavage designs. Read this guide to the perfect lingerie for tricky outfits.


5. Know Your Body!

5 getting a blouse stitched

It is important to know your body before you get a blouse stitched. Do you have small, drooping  or broad shoulders? There are different necklines and sleeves to choose from to flatter your body type well. Check beforehand if you’re a peach, an apple, an hourglass or a diamond in terms of body shapes. It can help you select your blouse design beforehand! If you feel like your back isn’t too toned, get a keyhole/peek-a-boo design instead of going backless. Remember that scoop-necks flatter apple-shaped bodies the most, straps and halters look great on pear-shaped woman and oval and rectangle necks look pretty on petite sizes.

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6. Blouse Designs Matter

Not all necklines suit everyone, and that can actually make or break your overall look. It can make you look sexy or cutesy – totally depending on what sort of a look you want to carry. With a host of designs to choose from, it is best to try and visualise these on you. If you have a short neck, try avoiding high neck blouses, they look best on tall women. Round and square necklines flatter almost anyone and elbow length sleeves can look elegant and sophisticated. Remember, the key is to be comfortable. Don’t decide on strappy and backless styles unless you’re comfortable in them.


7. Some Specifications Are Essential

7 getting a blouse stitched

Tailors these days want to put a dori on every blouse they make! But really, not all blouses need it. Some can do without one too. So choose a design and tell your tailor whether or not you want one. Specify if you want cups, your exact bra size and where to place them. Another thing to keep in mind is to always tell your tailor to add hookup buttons inside your blouse at the shoulders, to hook your bra strap with your blouse. It’s an extremely useful hack to ensure your bra straps don’t peep out no matter how much you dance!

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23 Sep 2016

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