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Preparing For Your Wedding Night? 9 Top Beauty Tips!

Preparing For Your Wedding Night? 9 Top Beauty Tips!

You know at some point in our 20s, suddenly skin care becomes such an important part of our daily routine? Well guess what, it gets even crazier when you realise you’re about to get married in a couple of months! So waste no time girl ’cause these beauty and skin care tips are going to come in very, very handy for your wedding night.

1. Regular clean up and facials

1 skincare for the wedding

If you think you have enough time, you’re mistaken! Don’t leave the clean ups and facials for the last few months. In most cases, you need to give a gap of at least 15-20 days between two sessions and it does take multiple and regular facials to actually see the difference. With a help of a trained beautician, assess your skin and the type of facial you must go in for. Even the heavy makeup and long wedding rituals will not be able to take away your wedding night glow then.

2. Reduce the makeup

Regular application of makeup dehydrates your skin and clogs the pores. In the months leading up to the big day, try and keep your makeup application to a minimum. And when you do apply makeup, make sure to use a great cleanser to wipe clean your face later. Do this on your wedding night too! Fresh-faced is better, no? *wink*


3. Watermelon to the rescue!

It’s summertime and seasonal fruits are a must-have! Watermelons keep your skin and body hydrated and helps flush out all the toxins. Eat lots and lots of watermelon and drink as much water as you can. We bet you’ll see the difference on the suhaag raat!

4. Don’t forget the CTM

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Yes, we’ll keep shouting it out, because CTM is just so important. Cleansing, toning and moisturizing your skin everyday before bed time is a must. Cleansing helps remove dirt so your skin can breathe, toning shuts the open pores and moisturizing ensures that you go to bed with clean and fresh skin. Also, speak to your dermatologist and invest in a good night care cream for that night-time glow.

5. Watch what you eat!

What you eat shows on your face and body too! Like every time I indulge in chocolates or pickles, it takes no time for a pimple to appear. Have a diet rich in fruits, green leafy veggies and dry fruits. Avoid fried stuff and intake of alcohol prior to the wedding. Also, keep away from any particular foods that have an adverse effect on your skin.


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6. De-stress to look beautiful!

Stress causes breakouts! You knew that, right?! And often brides really do feel stressed due to all the wedding drama. And it shows on your skin too. Get your daily fix of sleep and indulge in spa sessions, meditation or anything else that helps you relax and brings down your stress levels. Take it easy and say goodbye to any sort of tension for a happy and healthy skin.

7. Keep the trying of new products for later

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If you’re anywhere near 1-2 months to your wedding, avoid using any new skin/beauty product. You never know how a particular product will react to your skin and you do not want to spend the rest of the days rectifying the error. Better to stick to the tried and tested products!


8. Sun protect it

At all times! Exposure to sun not only tans your skin but also leaves it looking dull and lifeless. Apply a sunscreen with a minimum of SPF 30 to all your exposed body parts at least 20 minutes prior to stepping out. Cover your arms and face with a soft cloth as much as possible. You can even rub a lemon on your skin to reduce tan (unless you’re allergic or sensitive to it!). We personally love the Blossom Kochhar Sunlite Spray that’s super easy to use and also effective. And do reapply your sunscreen every two hours. Once you’re back home, make sure you cleanse and moisturise your skin to reduce the sun damage.

9. Scrub it up!

We love the range of Body Shop body scrubs and as a bride to be you’ve got to pamper not just your face but also your body. Use a body scrub twice every week to scrub out all those impurities – yes, this means all those nooks and crannies, and especially your legs and back! But do moisturize well after use.

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06 Jun 2016

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