10 Ways To Look Super Stylish In Your High-Waisted Jeans!

Sumona BoseSumona Bose  |  Jul 18, 2017
10 Ways To Look Super Stylish In Your High-Waisted Jeans!


High waisted jeans are a staple in a girl’s wardrobe. They are incredibly stylish and make your butt look super shapely! But did you know that you can style your high waisted jeans in more ways than one? Yes, here are a few tips on how to style these to channel varied looks that never fail to impress!

1. Rock That Knot!

Knotty tops are really in and look super hot! Tie your top in a knot and pair it with your fave distressed jeans and the good old sneakers. You are good to go!

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2. A Tank Top

If you have a pair of skinny jeans that are too hot to handle, just pair it with that sexy tank top and look super duper hot! Add a pair of ankle boots to make your look different!

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3. Some Stripe Attack!


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Stripes go extremely well with a pair of high waist jeans. Tuck in your striped t-shirt and maybe let some loose ends go to make a statement. You can add a fierce tan bag to complete your look.

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4. The Bodysuit Tuck


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Bodysuits are perfect accessories to be tucked into high waisted jeans. They make sure that you have freedom of movement and look stylish at the same time.

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5. Denim on denim!

The denim on denim trend has actually become quite a classic in the trend dictionary! Wear your high waist jeans with a denim shirt, a denim jacket or anything denim to work the look!

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6. Crop Top Love


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Crop tops and high waisted jeans have a long standing and loving relationship. They complement each other extremely well and is the go-to look for the season! Instead of opting for jeans that are fitted, try switching them for a pair of mom or boyfriend jeans!

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7. The Layered Look

Pair your high waisted jeans with a layered top to enhance its look. Let the hem fall on your waist and choose a pair of coloured jeans instead of the basic blue ones and pair it with a flowy top!

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8. The Classic Button Down

8 high waist jeans button down

This one is for those who love formals and want to include it in their casual wardrobe in some way or the other! Get your best button down and pair it with your high waisted jeans to channel an effortlessly chic look!

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9. Leather Jackets On!

9 high waist jeans leather jackets

Leather jackets are a forever fashion statement you need to give your regular jeans a chic makeover. A short bolero leather jacket in a tan brown or even a basic black with a pair of simple navy blue high waist boyfriend jeans will look great!

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10. Statement Accessories FTW

Since high waist jeans are a statement piece on their own, you can enhance the statement piece by wearing a slit-out jeans or even by wearing a bralette over your shirt and have a statement necklace to finish off the look!

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