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Dos & Don’ts Of Wearing A Bodycon Dress Every Girl Should Know!

Dos & Don’ts Of Wearing A Bodycon Dress Every Girl Should Know!

Do you have a tight bodycon dress in your closet that you just never seem to wear? The thought of its form-fitting, figure-hugging cut is enough to make you shudder with self-consciousness? Well, not anymore! We give you a few useful styling tips for wearing a bodycon dress that will help you channel your inner diva and feel fabulous!

Different Ways To Style A Bodycon Dress

Our Guide On Styling A Bodycon Dress

No longer do you need to worry about how to wear a bodycon dress, for we’ve got you covered. So follow these dos and don’ts for wearing it right and feeling great.


1. Do Show Off Your Best Feature

It may hug you all over, but you can still use it to flaunt your best assets. An essential on our guide on how to wear a bodycon dress, you cannot go wrong with this. A strapless dress or even a halter neck can show off toned shoulders and killer collarbones. A super short length can flaunt gorgeous legs – pick one that accentuates your best feature!

2. Don’t Forget Shapewear

styling a bodycon dress

Ladies, shapewear is a blessing and there’s no shame in getting a little help to make you look and feel better. Shaping underwear can flatten a not-so-flat tummy, smoothen bulges, conceal panty lines and just help you feel more fantastic. It’s one of the style-essential secrets when it comes to the question of how to wear a bodycon dress.

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3. Do Layer It

If you’ve ever wondered about how to style a bodycon dress, then you should definitely give layering a try. It is a saviour if you form-fitting dress makes you feel self-conscious. You can either throw on a loose cardigan or a flowy cape since they’re so in now. You can also add a well-cut blazer for a more polished edge to your ensemble and even make it office-appropriate.

4. Don’t Wear Flats

styling a bodycon dress

A bodycon dress screams glam, don’t kill the vibe with flats. It is a cardinal sin when it comes to how to wear a bodycon dress. Heels will help amp up the look, while also elongating your frame and helping your silhouette appear slimmer. Pumps, stilettos and even wedges work – whichever you’re comfortable with. If you’re not comfortable wearing heels, opt for comfy platforms and low wedges.


5. Do Pick Thicker Fabrics

Avoid thin materials like jersey, which are super clingy and may exaggerate the wrong areas. Instead, make sure your dress is made from thicker material as it won’t accentuate problem areas too much. Detailing like ribs and panelling also help to create a more structured and neat look. This is a cardinal rule when it comes to how to look good in a bodycon dress.

6. Don’t Over-Accessorize

styling a bodycon dress

Yes, there is a thing called over-accessorizing, and it is a strict no-no in our rule book of how to wear a bodycon dress. Let the dress be the showstopper and keep the accessories minimal to avoid looking OTT. A few key pieces like a watch, dangling earrings, and a clutch is enough to keep the look tasteful.

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7. Do Choose A Dark Colour

While there are a lot of ways on how to style a bodycon dress, do keep in mind that the shade you pick plays a large role in it. Opt for a dark colour to help you feel more confident since we all know they’re way more flattering. You can’t go wrong with classic black – it’s sexy, and it can help conceal your problem areas. So get your hands on an LBB – little black bodycon! 😛

8. Don’t Be Shy

styling a bodycon dress

Confidence is sexy, it’s your best accessory. Being self-conscious, tugging at your hemline constantly, crossing your arms in front of you – it’s all going to kill the look. Flaunt what you got, hold your head high and rock the look with confidence – and no one will be able to fault you. Trust us, confidence wins all in our guide on how to wear a bodycon dress.

9. Cinch The Waist

Now you must be guessing why you should think about cinching the waist in a dress that is already hugging your body but hear us out. If your bodycon is revealing a lot more than you’re initially comfortable with, then cinching the waist can definitely come for your rescue. You don’t necessarily have to go with a belt. You can even wrap a contrasting bandana around your waist or buy one that has a pattern that automatically gives your waist a cinched look. So go ahead and experiment with your unique style!


10. Try Contrasting Colours

If you’re curious about having a bodycon dress in your wardrobe but are worried about certain areas of your body standing out, then you can also get one in contrasting colours. The best part about investing in such a bodycon is that it will divert focus from areas you’re uncomfortable about. Wonder how? Well, for example, if you get bodycon that has darker shades on the sides, then it will make your waist look smaller, without you having to worry about driving attention to bulges!

Styling A Bodycon According To Specific Looks

While bodycon dresses are flattering in their own way, they also require a whole lot of confidence and a knack for styling when it comes to getting the most out of them. So here are some common bodycon dress hacks that you can try according to various moods and settings!

How To Wear A Bodycon Dress With Flats

While we’ve already suggested that you style your bodycon with heels, this one is for those of you who just can’t go without their flats. To begin with, make sure that you’re pairing it with the right accessories, like a huge belt or a chunky neckpiece. It would be extra helpful if you match your accessories with your flats for a more balanced look! Also, gladiators over any other kind on any given day!


How To Wear A Bodycon Dress In Winters

The key behind wearing a bodycon dress in winters is to style it well, and luckily there is a lot you can experiment with. To start with you can pair it with long, knee length boots. If the weather is especially chilly, then you can also throw on a warm open cardigan (preferably long), along with a thick scarf that complements the base colour that you’re wearing.

How To Make A Bodycon Dress Look Formal

If you want your bodycon dress to look formal, then you can start with baring minimal skin. A bodycon automatically drives attention to the person wearing it, and you definitely do not want to do more of it by exposing other parts of your body. So choose one that reaches your calves or has full sleeves. You can also complement it by wearing a light, long cardigan to give it a more formal look.

How To Pose In A Bodycon Dress

There is a lot of poses that you can try when you’ve donned your bodycon dress. However, do make sure that you ask the photographer to take a shot of the entire look, because you want to do total justice to your look, don’t you? To begin with, you can pose by keeping one foot slightly ahead of the other with a sideways glance to give a sultry look. And you can also give a side pose if you want to draw attention to certain parts of your body! Like we’ve mentioned before, confidence is the key! Bodycon dresses will always be in fashion, for they can potentially bring out the best in you! So do use our styling tips to look your fabulous best the next time you wear a bodycon dress!

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12 May 2016

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