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The Ultimate Guide To Picking The *Perfect* Bridal Hair Look!

The Ultimate Guide To Picking The *Perfect* Bridal Hair Look!

Makeup and hair go hand in hand. One isn’t complete without the other, and this rule applies to your bridal look as well. It is very crucial to perfect your bridal hairdo to complete your bridal look. Here are some tips to make sure you have left no stone unturned to make sure you have great hair on your big day, and that your bridal hairdo is nothing less than perfect!

1. Hair trials

Try, try till you succeed. It is important to make sure you have every aspect of your wedding hairstyle is planned and tried. Make sure you’ve given yourself enough number of trials and have visualised the hairstyle in conjunction with your outfit and makeup in entirety so that you aren’t ever caught off guard.

2. See what works for you

2 great hair

The style that is trending may not always work for you. So, don’t be a slave to trends and don’t think that you have to do what is trendy. Remember that classic looks are what stay stylish always. Even if you want to try out a trend, try to alter it to suit your style and facial structure. Or perhaps, try something out of the ordinary to really stand out.

3. Have an alternate hairstyle

You’ve decided on a high bun for your D-day look, but make sure you have a back-up hairstyle, like a braid, just in case. Sometimes, a well versed look also can fail us or not look as we had anticipated when worn with full makeup and wedding attire. Have some complimentary accessories ready to go with your alternate hairstyle as well so that it doesn’t look like you threw something together last minute.

4. Good haircuts don’t equal a good hairstyle

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Sure, you love your hair stylist because he/ she has given you excellent haircuts always. But that doesn’t mean that they’ll have good hairstyling skills that would work for you and your wedding look. Don’t be shy to experiment with a couple of stylists to make sure you have one who gets your style and the look intended for your special day.

5. Time it right

Make sure you’ve given yourself enough time to implement your wedding hairdo. Speak to your stylist and see firsthand from trials how long it would take to create your look. Now, add at least 20 minutes to that time and set it aside as your hairdressing time for your wedding. It would be better to be done early and have time to chill, than to be in a rush and get stressed about missing your muhurat.

6. Get different views

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Don’t just look at your hairstyle from the front. Use a mirror or a camera to get a 360 degree view so that you are certain that it works from all the angles. If your hair will be covered with a dupatta for your wedding, you can skip this, but if not, then make sure you’ve seen what it looks like so that you aren’t horrified when your wedding photos arrive!

7. Do your research

Be thorough with your Instagram and Pinterest research and share it with your stylist so that he/ she knows exactly what you are looking for and so there is nothing left to the imagination and interpretation. Look for styles which have worked on people who have a similar face structure/ outfits etc. This way you will know you aren’t shooting arrows in the dark.

8. Don’t forget the accessories

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Not just the hair pins and bands, we’re talking about your jooda pins, flowers (real and artificial), hair jewellery etc. Pick accessories that compliment your dress and your wedding theme. If you’re opting for a braid, choose flowers to adorn the creases or go in for pin-able hair jewels. If a bun is your choice, then opt for pins adorned with jewels or zardozi work to compliment your saree/ lehenga.

9. Take advice from people who have a hair type similar to yours

If the internet has left you confused, worry not, speak to people and they will be able to give you some input regarding what works and what doesn’t. It is extremely important that you seek advice from people who have a similar hair type because they know the exact nuances you may be facing with your hair. Trust us, curly haired girls so often don’t get the issues straight haired girls face, and vice-versa.

10. Hair colour is as important as the style

10 great hair

Last but not the least, is the hair colour. Try to stick to classic and subtle hair colours for your bridal look and give the really bright ones a miss. Your hair needs to work with your outfit and it needs to enhance your makeup and facial features without clashing with all the colours in your bridal attire.

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23 May 2017

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