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10 FAB Tips To Do Your Own Bridal Makeup… Like A Pro!

10 FAB Tips To Do Your Own Bridal Makeup… Like A Pro!

You’ve taken the bold step of doing your own wedding makeup. Sure, Instagram and YouTube have made the herculean task seem rather simple. And, you’ve probably perfected most of the looks that are currently trending, but doing your bridal makeup is a whole different deal. You have to prep extensively, practice endlessly and be equipped to handle any last-minute makeup mishaps. Worry not, this list will be the only crash course you need to take be your own bridal MUA.


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1. Practice leads to perfection

Do your research and practice your intended look enough so that you need no assistance to perfect it (whether virtual or real). Make sure that you perfect at least 2 looks, so that you have a fall-back option in case one doesn’t work or you change your mind.

2. Always prime

2 wedding makeup

It makes a world of a difference to your application and the finish, and it makes it last way longer too. You’ll be able to tell the difference instantly and you’ll be glad your makeup isn’t smearing around or wearing off. Use a good primer and watch the magic happen!

3. Splurge on facials

Well maintained skin is the perfect canvas for makeup application. The difference prepped skin can make to the final makeup look is incredible. It means no more dry patches, no more streaky makeup and definitely no more sallow looking skin. You’ll need lesser makeup and you’ll have that glow you’ve always wanted.

4. Avoid SPF infused makeup

4 wedding makeup

Use it only if you absolutely have to, but, the minerals present in an SPF lotion/ cream or foundation tend to make your skin look greyish or ashy. This look gets more accentuated in photographs so give it a miss if you can.

5. Define your brows

Defining your brows is half the work done in achieving a polished look that will certainly stand out. A face full of makeup cannot achieve what simply defined brows can. Know which eyebrow pencil works for you and go for it.

6. Avoid sparkly products

6 wedding makeup

Opt for illuminators or highlighters instead. The shimmer particles in these are usually microfine and don’t end up looking gaudy. In fact, they will leave you with dewy, glowy skin.

7. Layering is the key to building colour

This is true for the lips and the eyes. Layering on products and sealing them with a sheer powder will make sure your products last a very long time without needing constant reapplication. Start with a lightest consistency and build it up to your liking.

8. Wear a little extra

8 wedding makeup

Dab on a little extra of everything than you normally would. This is just to make sure there is enough of it on there and will make sure it lasts long without needing reapplication. Remember that makeup shows very lightly in photos, so add product accordingly. But always keep your day makeup lighter than your night time one!

9. Do a trial run

Do a complete makeup and hair trial run to see if everything matches and the end result is as you want it to be. Try to do your makeup in lighting as close to the lighting at your wedding venue and take pictures to be doubly sure! Do this well in advance so you actually have enough time to re-work anything you may not like.

10. Blend blend blend!

10 wedding makeup

This is the key to the airbrushed look that makes your makeup look like second skin. Pick tools to suit your skin type. Try out brushes, blenders, flat sponges and your fingers to see what works for you. It would be ideal to invest in a couple of each just to be sure you aren’t caught off guard on your big day!

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01 Feb 2017

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