7 Genius Tips To Find The Perfect Pair Of Wedding Shoes!

Manasvi JaitlyManasvi Jaitly  |  May 5, 2016
7 Genius Tips To Find The Perfect Pair Of Wedding Shoes!

When in comes to choosing your wedding lehenga, our fashion experts have already given you all the necessary gyaan. So today it’ll be all about the wedding shoes! Because choosing your wedding shoes is a big deal and we don’t want anything to go wrong. Here are 7 tips to ensure you pick the best pair ever!


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1. Comfort is priority

I have been guilty of picking up footwear that felt slightly uncomfortable but looked absolutely fab. And what a blunder that is! When you walk into a store and like a certain pair, make sure you spend enough time wearing it in the store itself. Take a walk around the store, see if the strap is cutting into your skin or the heels make you feel shaky. Are your toes comfortable, can your feet breath in the shoe or is it making them sweaty? Are the insoles cushiony and soft or does it feel hard on the foot. Spend 5 – 10 minutes walking around and always place comfort before looks when it comes to footwear.

1 choosing your wedding shoes

2. Size matters

Haven’t we all once in our lifetime bought a pair of stilettos that were a size bigger or smaller just because our size wasn’t available?! Take a lesson and do not make this mistake with your wedding pair. Make sure your toes aren’t getting squeezed or your feet coming out as you walk. Yes, you may love it and feel that shoes always open up a bit or you can fit in a foot pad to make it tighter but … let’s not do jugaad with our wedding shoes!

3. How many inches long?!

You could wear 5 inches of heels for your office party with ease but it may not be such a great option for the shaadi. Remember that you’ll be standing for long hours, posing for pictures, dancing and all this wearing a super heavy lehenga, lots of jewellery and a constant smile on your face. It’s okay if you look an inch or two shorter but to stand in heels that make you feel shaky and break your back is so not!

choosing your wedding shoes

4. Heels like these

When choosing heels for your shaadi, there are a few basics you must always be aware of. Front closed heels are not a great choice for long hours. Peep toes are a better bet since your toes are not trapped and chances of bruising are less. Always opt for heels that have straps at the back to hold your feet. Also, block heels are easier on the feet than pencil heels. In fact, a lot of times during outdoor weddings, pencil heels tend to cut into the ground making it hard to walk.

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5. Wear them later?!

While we do understand that you would want to get yourself an exquisite pair for your wedding functions, it is also important that you can wear the shoes later. Buy a pair that’s gorgeous but that can also be worn again at other functions without seeming too OTT.

choosing your wedding shoes

6. Quality is king!

I would not mind paying a few extra grands for better quality footwear. When it comes to your feet, good quality is a must. Examine the sole and see if it is bound to the shoe firmly. Also make sure it doesn’t feel too slippery. Check for the stitching that should be straight and seamless with a waxy protective coating that prevents the thread from breaking. To check, put your nail on the stitch to see if the threads come apart easily. If they do, then the stitch is not tight and probably not coated. Also, good quality guarantees great comfort!

7. Don’t be a first timer

Once you’ve bought the footwear, don’t put it away only to be worn on the wedding day. New shoes are bound to give you nasty shoe bites. Wear them around for a week so your feet can ease into them. Walk on carpeted floor to avoid any sort of dirt that can ruin the sole.

7 choosing your wedding shoes

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