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5 Simple & Creative Ways To Use Tinted Lip Balms For An All-Over Rosy Glow

5 Simple & Creative Ways To Use Tinted Lip Balms For An All-Over Rosy Glow

If you’d ask me to choose just one single beauty item to carry in my purse when I step out, it has got to be tinted lip balm. Tinted lip balm is literally the perfect multitasking item that I use on repeat. Why? Well, not only does it offer blushing colour like a nourishing bullet lipstick, but it also keeps my lips thoroughly moisturised and soothed no matter the weather. What’s more is that there are a few tricks with tinted lip balms that surpass all your expectations of this humble lip care product.

As someone who loves skipping makeup as often as possible for the sake of my skin’s clarity, resorting to hacks with my travel friendly tinted lip balm is my favourite thing to do. Let me hook you up with these nifty tinted lip balm hacks that will have you glowing skin thanks to its versatility. 

Tinted Lip Balm Hacks You Wish You Knew Sooner

Kiss, Kiss

The main function of a tinted lip balm is to moisturise your lips while adding colour. So when you simply swipe it on your bare lips it does exactly what it was meant to do. But, if you want more oomph from your lip look try this: outline your lips with a nude or pink lip liner and then swipe on your tinted lip balm and smudge the two products together by pursing your lips. This creates a signature lip look and it also makes your pout appear fuller and more plump. You can also customise your very own lip shade by blending a nourishing bullet lipstick with a tinted balm on your lips.

Cheeky Business

Ran out of blush? Swipe and blend a tinted lip balm on your cheeks for a rosy glow. The balm works just like a cream blush and offers sheer coverage that is also buildable when you layer it on. You can use this hack on the go to look more refreshed and you can even try this hack for last minute zoom calls.

Wink Pink

Tinted lip balms are the best dupe for a glossy rose eyeshadow. Dab and blend a tinted lip balm on your lids you instantly have a more polished and au naturel look. The lip balm formula is ultra moisturising so it also cares for the skin on your lids while adding colour and a glossed effect.

Power Brows

Did you know that you can make use of the balmy texture of a tinted lip balm to groom your brows too? It offers hold and therefore allows you to keep your brow strands in place just like a brow gel. Brush your brows up and swipe the tinted lip balm on your brows. Flatten your brows with your fingers or a spatula and you now how a laminated brow look.

Bright Eyes

With all the craze of extending your blush to your under eye areas, this next hack is one to bookmark as well. Since tinted lip balms do offer colour similar to that of a blush, you can apply it to your under eye areas and expect skincare and colour correction in one go. The tint will help conceal dark circles and add a blushing glow while the formula of the balm will actually nourish your under eye area like an eye cream. It’s double the perks.

If you’re looking for a tinted lip balm that has no harmful ingredients and is super pigmented, we recommend:

Try these hacks because they will literally come to your rescue when you’re without your entire makeup kit to help you. A tinted lip balm is all you need to travel light and look fresh AF!

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31 May 2022

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