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Dear Boyfriend, 10 Times I Need You To Really Trust Me!

Dear Boyfriend, 10 Times I Need You To Really Trust Me!

Dear Boyfriend,

Let’s make some ground rules to make things easier for both of us, shall we? You will have your set of doubts and insecurities, and I understand that. But for the sake of our happiness and convenience, here’s a list of a few things you needn’t give a worrisome thought to…

1. When my phone is switched off

Have you come across any smartphone with a good battery these days? No, right? Well, my phone being switched off doesn’t mean I’m avoiding you and doing things behind your back – my phone died on me because I probably played too much Candy Crush today!

need your boyfriend to trust you

2. When I’m meeting an ex

The reason I am okay with meeting him now is because we respect each other and our decision to end the relationship we once shared. Breaking up with someone doesn’t have to mean that you lose them as a friend too. So every once in awhile, just like I like to catch up with my other friends, I’d like to meet with him too. But, I promise you, you have nothing to worry about – he’s just like any other friend now!

3. When I’m making a decision for us

Be it where we have to go for our dinner date, or what we have to get a common friend as a birthday gift, or when we should meet each other’s parents – girls are just inherently more careful, if I may say so. So trust my judgement! We will always weigh the pros and cons in every situation, and take action after careful thought and consideration.  

need your boyfriend to trust you

4. When I decide to have a girls’ night

No, we aren’t out looking for a one-night stand or random flirting. A girls’ night is just for some fun girly goss, dancing, and some yummy cocktails!

5. When I choose to sleep over at a friend’s place

I wouldn’t tell you that, and go hook up with someone else! Girls’ sleepovers are every girl’s birthright, almost. We just love the occasional pajama parties!

need your boyfriend to trust you

6. When my clothes are too revealing by your standards

Are you from this century? Do you have any idea how politically incorrect that sort of a statement is? I will wear what I’m comfortable wearing and I will pull it off like no other! Sorry baby, but your thoughts in such situations are just going to have to be more progressive.

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7. When I have to meet your parents

You really shouldn’t worry about this you know. I know how to meet and greet and can make quite an impression! How else do you think you fell in love with me?

need your boyfriend to trust you

8. When my best friend is a boy

We’re definitely not buying the Kuch Kuch Hota Hai dialogue – “ek ladka aur ladki kabhi dost nahi ho sakte”!

9. When my parents decide that I ‘need’ to be married

Fret not, dear boyfriend. I shall handle this one with tact till you and I are ready to take the plunge.

need your boyfriend to trust you

10. When I’m kinda PMS-ing and saying not very nice things to you

Well, you can blame this one on the hormones! Kindly allow me to be as moody as possible at that time of the month – I shall be back soon!

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05 May 2016

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