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“Dislike”?! 11 Times We’d Totally Click Facebook’s New Button!

“Dislike”?! 11 Times We’d Totally Click Facebook’s New Button!

Ever since Mark Zuckerberg announced that Facebook will be testing a dislike button, we’ve been overcome with sheer joy. Why? Well, for starters, ignoring things is not enough sometimes. The pure pleasure of disliking a post without saying so in words is unmatched…you know, for those instances when you…

1. Get tagged in a picture where you look absolutely hideous (while your friend looks like she just stepped off the ramp!).


2. When your ex announces that he has found “the one” with an engagement picture…less than three months after breaking up with you!


3. When your best friend checks in at the theatre to watch that movie she PROMISED she would watch with you.


4. When someone totally steals your caption! Um, hello? Try being original!

5. When a friend shares a post about being Punjabi on your timeline… but you aren’t Punjabi.



6. When some guy puts up a rant which is obviously about you but adds “I don’t want to take names”.

7. When people insist on sharing what they’re doing…every moment of their lives! An hourly update is not exactly everyone’s cup of tea after a hectic day at work.

dislike 3


8. When people put up super-opinionated statuses, ranting about the world and its problems. Well, we disagree!

9. When people post seductive selfies of themselves, combining it with a super deep quote about life. Like, where’s the connection?


10. When people share gory Photohopped images, claiming it’s real and how it can happen to you. COME ON!


11. When your friend puts up a super depressing emo status. Lighten up, girlfriend!



Images: Tumblr


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05 May 2016

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