8 Times Phoebe Buffay Was A True Reflection Of A Woman Who Gives No Damn

Krithika KumarKrithika Kumar  |  May 14, 2018
8 Times Phoebe Buffay Was A True Reflection Of A Woman Who Gives No Damn


A true F.R.I.E.N.D.S fan knows that ‘they’ll always be there for you’. You may never be able to pick a favourite character, but you know there are some things that you love about each one of them. So, when life gets tough, you stop giving a damn. This is one thing that Phoebe Buffay has taught us (amongst many other cool things). So, we have listed the times when she reminded us not care and we love her for that!

1. When she had a sound reason for not helping her friends unpack

We all love her for the fact that she was honest and spoke her mind without colouring the truth. In life, you need such people who wouldn’t bullshit you.

1 times when phoebe buffay was a reflexion of a woman who didnt care

2. When she didn’t care about what people thought of her when she ran

Run Phoebe, run! Rachel was embarrassed by her, but that didn’t slow her down. She lived on her own terms, not by others’ judgements.

2 reason why phoebe buffay is a true reflexion of a woman who gives no damn

3. When she danced like no one’s watching

Phoebe loved doing all things unconventional and we salute her for this. Just like Phoebe, this new campaign by Veet, #Unpose, is reminding us to be our natural, spontaneous self. Let’s be beautiful without acting it out on the camera, so the next time you’re posting something on Instagram, feel free to unpose. Watch this video to know what we’re talking about!

4. When she proved that she is a fan of tough love

Tough love? Yes! Phoebe didn’t mind giving a reality check to people!

4 things phoebe buffay did that are a reflexion of a woman who does not give a damn

5. When on vacation, she knew her priorities!

Mimosas for breakfast, anyone?

6 why phoebe buffay does not give a damn

6. No matter what people thought, she sang away to glory!

Smelly cat, smeeeelly cat… what are they feeding you?

7 why phoebe buffay didnt give a damn

7. When her self-love was off the charts!

The kind of love we all need in our life!

8 phoebe buffay does not give a damn

8. When she did what she had to

Hi, nice to meet you.

9 phoebe buffay was a woman who gave no damn

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