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10 Times It’s Okay To Get A Little (Or A Lot) Dramatic With Bae!

10 Times It’s Okay To Get A Little (Or A Lot) Dramatic With Bae!

That’s right! While generally we are always nice and sweet, sometimes, we end up taking the drama in our relationships up a notch. And for good reason too! After all, sometimes all you need is a little drama in life! Here are 10 times it is okay to be dramatic in your relationship!


1. When you are PMSing

Every girl has an official license to be super melodramatic in this phase. Yes – EVERY SINGLE MONTH – do you have any clue about the mood swings we are going through?!

2. When someone tries to flirt with him

Well girl, you want a scene, you get a scene!

3. When he flirts with other women

Especially if he does that in front of you to make you feel a bit jealous…well show him what being j actually means!

3 okay to be dramatic - jennifer lawrence angry

4. When he forgets an important date or occasion

If that’s your birthday…then please go ahead and declare WWIII.

5. He ignores you

especially when you need him to be nice to you. Don’t hesitate to express what you are feeling.

6. He cancels plans last minute

For no good reason? What?! No way, mister!

6 okay to be dramatic - nina dobrev angry

7. He makes fun of you

You can laugh at me or with me but boy if you make fun of me – you’ve had it!

8. When he gives you spoilers

Of a book you are reading or a movie you want to watch. Thanks but no thanks!

9. When you find a possession from his ex

Worse if he is still cherishing it. Let go of the past, boy!

9 okay to be dramatic - deepika padukone angry

10. When he is being a drama queen

Yes, men are capable of that stuff too. And sometimes, you need a little poison to fight off the poison.

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16 Aug 2017

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