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Bigg Boss Gives ‘Ticket To Finale’ To 3 More Contestants & We Gotta Ask ‘Yeh Final Hai Ya Baraat?’

Currently, we are witnessing a rather intense week in the Bigg Boss house as the contestants lock horns to win the Ticket To Finale and secure their place in the last week of the reality show. The interesting part is that there are multiple tickets to the finale up for grabs this season, which is as hilarious as it is confusing. Just last month, we were told that the makers were planning to give away two tickets to the finale this season instead of one, the number was then modified to five, and, wait for it, they have finally given away seven tickets now! *Squeals ‘Hey maa maataji’ Daya Ben style*

A little birdie tells us that Tejasswi Prakash, Shamita Shetty, and Abhijit Bichukale (we’ll come to this later) are the latest recipients of the Ticket To Finale and we gotta ask—what the hell is going on this season? More importantly, have the makers been informed that this is the actual show, not a test run and every ludicrous decision that they have been taking is being aired on national TV? Asking this ‘coz they are looking really stupid right now and have literally resorted to the “kuch bhi” stage to have their way and take the show in whichever direction they please.


The Ticket To Finale board in the VIP room that had just five slots earlier this week suddenly has seven slots now and that more than proves our point. But wait till you get to know how Tejasswi and Abhijit have actually managed to win the Ticket To Finale. As it turns out, while Shamita still earned her ticket by winning the latest task, Teja and Abhijit got their ticket simply because Bigg Boss admires their “shiddat” for the task. Honestly, this sounds next level desperate on the makers’ part. Of course, we have a lot of opinions on the shit show that is currently unfolding in the house. Read on.

A Theory


This might sound like a stretch but we are of the belief that Nishat Bhat is the reason why Bigg Boss has given away multiple tickets to finale this season. How so you ask? Let us explain. Do you remember how Nishant Bhat made it to the top two in Bigg Boss OTT by beating Shamita Shetty who many assumed was going to be the winner? We have a hunch that a similar trend is prevalent in this season’s voting trends as well and while Shamita losing the trophy to a bigger celeb is still alright, Nishant beating her for a second time will do her image no good.

As you must have noticed, even earlier this week during the first Ticket To Finale task, Bigg Boss made Karan Kundrra and Nishant Bhat compete but did not announce the result right away and waited for others to win their rounds. They did not even reveal to the audience what exactly was cooking in their heads and our guess is that they wanted to see who manages to score the tickets and then turn it around as per their whims.

Now, with seven people safe this week, we are just left with Devoleena Bhattacharjee, Pratik Sehajpal, and, of course, Nishant in nomination. This might lead to Nishant’s eviction or go in any direction and it won’t mess with the makers’ plan given there are no big names in danger anymore.

Three Wildcards In The Finale Week, Really?


Now let’s come to the major source of our contention. While Rashami really did earn her Ticket To Finale by performing exceptionally well in her task, do Rakhi and Abhijit deserve the slots? Rakhi did not even compete for her own ticket and got it because the others (non-wildcard contestants) fought for it. Oh and don’t even get us started on Abhijit now. The man does nothing in the house except make problematic comments while remaining comfortably perched on either his bed or the garden sofa. He argues like a lunatic in one task (where he does not even make any sense) and that’s all it took for Bigg Boss to fall in love with his “shiddat” for the show?

Honestly, we find it really unfair to push a few people to the finale week by sly means and make them safe while those who have been giving their 100% to the show end up getting evicted. Also, it is not good for the show either as seven people do nothing and just chill in the house with the assurance that no one can throw them out until the final week. At this point, we can’t help but wonder— are the makers deliberately trying to sabotage Bigg Boss 15?

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06 Jan 2022

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