12 Thoughts Every Girl Has While Reading Her Horoscope

Akanksha BhatiaAkanksha Bhatia  |  Mar 19, 2018
12 Thoughts Every Girl Has While Reading Her Horoscope


Horoscopes are tricky, and to be honest, differ from person to person. But what makes them so amazing and addictive is how fun astrology can be. My horoscope never fails to surprise me, sometimes it offers great advise and other times, it is just good for a laugh. Here are 12 thoughts I have while reading my horoscope and I’m sure you do too. 

1. ‘You won’t have to actively launch a charming aura today.’

Well obviously, it’s a Monday and I’m not in the mood to be nice.

01 horoscope

2. ‘…because it’s in your stars.’

WHAT?! Definitely the fault in my stars then. 

3. ‘You’ll be turning heads everywhere you go.’

This POPxo app is making my day, but of course, this outfit is on point! 

4. ‘Bear in mind that once you “hook” ‘em, it might not be so easy to release ‘em!’ 

Is this about the clingy boy from accounting? God, need to get him to stop staring at me during team meetings. 

04 horoscope

5. ‘Think with your wallet today.’

But I deserve to treat myself! And there is a 70% off…

6. ‘Sure, it’s easy to fall into the same old shopping and spending habits, but why not put your money where your values are?’

My value lies with Giovanne Versace, and I really need that new little black dress. 

7. ‘Before you head into any heated discussions today, look in the mirror and rehearse what you’re planning to say.’

Does this mean I’m going to fight at the meeting today? I can’t afford to have another argument on the job. 

07 horoscope

8. ‘Talk to a friend about how you feel—but don’t take action.’

This is why my BFF needs to pick up her phone! I’m tired of long-distance friendships, I need you girl. 

9. ‘Cooler winds will blow in this weekend.’

Hot date, I really need a hot date. Please, stars!

10. ‘Before you race off in hundred directions, stop and brace yourself.’

So no hot date? I’m confused, do the stars want me to find love or not? 

10 horoscope

11. ‘Speak from the heart, and they’ll feel it!’

Somebody is going to have a great weekend, cha-ching cha-ching!

12. ‘You could hit on a real winner today!’

This is why I read the horoscope, best ego-boost in the world. 

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