Not AGAIN! 27 Thoughts We All Have While Doing Chores!

Anasuya RayAnasuya Ray  |  May 5, 2016
Not AGAIN! 27 Thoughts We All Have While Doing Chores!


It’s not that we’re lazy. We just don’t like spending our time doing, uh, boring or useless things. And chores might not be useless, but they certainly aren’t very exciting. And we do NOT love them. Here’s something you’ll totally get if you’re the kind of girl who does not like doing chores…

1. Oh GOD, I haven’t done my laundry in so many days. I should do it tonight…

hate chores 1

2. But I’m so tired, and why bother running the washing machine now? Will do it in the morning. Tomorrow’s Saturday after all.

3. I should at least sort out the clothes by colour. Don’t want my whites to turn pink.

4. Uh, I think I should just sleep. Tomorrow is another day. I don’t need washed clothes tonight.

hate chores 4

5. Why is it morning already? Should I call my bestie? Okay, no. I HAVE to do my chores today.

6. Should I start the washing machine? It might rain today, though. My clothes won’t dry. Oh, there’s no detergent anyway. Will have to order it.

7. Why are there no vegetables at home? Should I go to the market?

hate chores 7

8. Oh, I’m sure a sabziwala will come along with a cart soon. No need to get dressed and go out right now.

9. I should organize the bookshelf, though.

10. Should I order the books alphabetically or by size? OMG, I haven’t read this in so looong! *Starts reading*

hate chores 10

11. WHAT? It’s noon already? The sabziwalas must all have come and gone by now…

12. Koi nahin, I will make Maggi.

13. Okay, I am too hungry to cook. Let me order… *Zomato to the rescue*

hate chores 13

14. Now THAT was a good lunch. I really should put those books back on the shelves, though.

15. On the other hand, books spread out around the living room gives it such “padha likha khandaan” air… *Abandons books and switches on TV*

16. I should pay all the bills while I’m watching TV…

hate chores 16

17. This phone-banking app is really bad. Need to dig out the laptop.

18. OMG, I have work emails. I should reply to them first – my boss is more demanding than these bills.

19. Okay, I’ve done so much work already. I deserve a break. *Takes a nap*

hate chores 19

20. Oh no, I slept till 5? I should order some detergent and supplies. *Picks up phone*

21. Wait, I should first make a plan for the evening. I can’t stay home ALL of Saturday because of chores. *Dials bestie*

22. Uff, it’s 6 o’clock already. By the time the deliveries come it will be 7. Then I’ll be late for drinks. And I have to get ready before that.

23. Argh, I should organize my cupboard. Can’t find anything. *Pulls everything out.*

hate chores 23

24. Okay, I look nice!!

25. Meh, do I have to fold all these things and put them back into the cupboard NOW?

26. Nope. Don’t have time. Have to leave right now. *Heads out of the door*

27. *Comes back at midnight* Oh God, I REALLY should do my laundry…

hate chores 27

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