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19 Crazy Thoughts We ALL Have When We Have Nothing To Wear!

No matter how much we actually shop, we sometimes – well, pretty much all the time – end up feeling like we have absolutely nothing to wear. Story of our lives, right? And almost like a rule of the universe, we feel it all the more when we have to go someplace important! So it’s only natural that we go a little crazy while staring into our (technically full) wardrobes. Don’t you worry, girl, we totally get it!

1. Where are all my GOOD clothes?

nothing to wear 1

2. None of these are wearable! What was I thinking when I bought them?

nothing to wear 2

3. I should stop listening to people when they tell me I should buy something…

4. Why do bad things happen to good people?

nothing to wear 4

5. I really need to go shopping!

nothing to wear 5

6. Too hot. Online shopping, here I come…

7. OMG, I’m so poor! When’s the next Sale?

nothing to wear 7

8. I didn’t bump into absolutely anyone important yesterday; should I just repeat my outfit?

nothing to wear 8

9. ARGH, I really need to stop Instagramming my outfits so that everyone can’t tell I’m repeating them!

nothing to wear 9

10. I’m SO jealous of celebrities and the fact that they NEVER run out of clothes.

nothing to wear 10

11. I should have totally taken that acting class!

12. This outfit would only work if I wear a jacket, but it’s too hot to wear a jacket.

nothing to wear 12

13. OMG! I need to learn how to layer the clothes that I bought especially for layering!

nothing to wear 13

14. Will he actually notice this teensy pen mark on my left elbow? This is my lucky top – I SO want to wear it!

nothing to wear 14

15. No thanks, fashion magazine, I can’t recycle that skirt and wear it as a dress! I tried – and I looked crazy.

nothing to wear 15

16. Even my statement accessories have stopped making a statement.:-(

nothing to wear 16

17. Maybe I should just wear a plain dress and put on lots of makeup.

nothing to wear 17

18. Ugh! Guys have it SO much easier!

19. I think it’s time to raid my sister’s closet.

GIFS: glee.wikia.com, www.tumblr.com, giphy.com, imgur.com

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05 May 2016

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