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14 Thoughts Every Newlywed Has On Seeing Her Hubby Naked!

14 Thoughts Every Newlywed Has On Seeing Her Hubby Naked!

When you get married, you live through many firsts. One such first is the time you undress in front of your spouse and watch each other naked for the first time ever. Here, then, we are revealing some thoughts that go through a bride’s mind when she sees her husband naked for the first time…


1. ‘I love how Mr. Husband can’t keep his hands off me. Look, there he goes again, scooping me in his strong arms… oh, being married is fun!’

1 sees her husband naked man kissing woman

2. ‘Where are his hands trying to reach today, though?’

3. ‘He unclasped my bra! Just how swift was he? For a second there, I didn’t realise what just happened…’

4. ‘Hey, dude. I refuse to be topless alone. I am going unbutton your shirt too!’

4 sees her husband naked man undressing

5. ‘What a sexy, broad chest! Wow, I can hear his heartbeat if I lay my head down to it. Such an intimate feeling…’

6. ‘… Umm, is he the best kisser or what? Don’t stop ever, boy!’

7. ‘Wait, what are his hands trying to do next?’

7 sees her husband naked couple cuddling

8. ‘Oh no. He is undoing his pants. Are we going to do *it* today? Oh my god!!!’

9. ‘Am I even ready for it? My husband sure is!’ *giggles*

10. *Drops shorts* ‘I am staring at the naked human body in all its glory… and look at it saluting back at me!’ *wink*

10 sees her husband naked shirtless man

11. ‘Wow! That looks big. Won’t it hurt?’

12. ‘I should stop staring at it like an idiot, though. But, I.just.can’t.take.my.eyes.off.it!’

13. ‘Please don’t turn around, please don’t turn around!’

13 sees her husband naked shy girl

14. ‘There. I’ve seen it all today. Time to test its power, now?’ :p

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21 Jul 2017

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