12 Embarrassing Thoughts We All Have While Working Out

Divya DhillonDivya Dhillon  |  Feb 8, 2018
12 Embarrassing Thoughts We All Have While Working Out


While we talk a lot about getting fit and working out to achieve our ideal figure, it happens to be something that suffers procrastination more than any other task in the world. After all, we’re all about “eat today, exercise later”! But thanks to all the magazines and pictures of the celebrities at their fittest, we end up purchasing the gym membership. And when you’re at the gym, on the treadmill, your thoughts are running just as fast as you are and honestly, these thoughts are funny as hell! So if you’re somebody who’s been to the gym, at least once, then here are 12 embarrassing thoughts you would have definitely had! Also, do read them because I missed my last workout session to write this!

1. “I am going to workout so hard that all my exes will regret their decision.”

When can I start with the squats?

01 working out

2. “Oh look, a hot guy! Need to run sexily on the treadmill.”

Also, let me bend down to pick up my towel, nice and slow!

3. “The trainer is paying more attention to the other girl. Does she pay more? Is she prettier?”

Tomorrow, I’m going to put some lip balm and come.

4. “I hope I don’t fart while doing sit-ups.”

It’s a tricky world out there!

04 working out

5. “Where is that cute guy today? Damn! today’s workout is going to be so boring.”

Cute boys and abs – the only reason I endure this pain.

6. “Why do they have girls working out with open hair & makeup on? Don’t they know what real girls look like!”

Setting unrealistic standards, even in the gym. Cannot deal!

7. “I’ve heard girls can orgasm just by exercise. Will I ever experience it?”

Might as well get it any way I can!

07 working out

8. “Shit! Why are people staring at me? Is there a hole in my track pants? Am I sweating too much?”

Please don’t stare, guys. I’m not at my best currently!

9. “Why do my boobs have to bounce so much? I am giving people a hell of a good time.”

Ouch, ouch, ouch! Need two sports bras!

10. “Is it me or does everyone’s vagina get squished while spinning?”

Nobody told me even sitting on a seat to pedal a stationary cycle would be uncomfortable.

10 working out

11. “These people have no taste in music, I should definitely play my playlist here.”

*whipping out earphones*

12. “Ooh, look at how much weight she’s lost. I’m going to be more regular with my workouts!”

She’s all the motivation I need!

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