Ouch, That Hurts: 23 Painful Thoughts That Everyone Has While Getting A Bikini Wax Done!

Aayushi PareekAayushi Pareek  |  Mar 2, 2021
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There are two types of people in this world- ones who let their pubic hair thrive and live their best lives and others who prefer keeping the growth in check. If you are someone who likes to keep their vay-jay-jay looking all clean by shaving or waxing it regularly, then today’s story is just for you.

Talking about waxing, getting a bikini wax is f-king painful. Period. But that’s the price we have to pay if we want our *area down under* to look squeaky clean, right? If you are a regular customer of your dear parlour wali didi, then you’re going to love reading these relatable AF thoughts.

Thoughts We All Have While Getting A Bikini Wax

We’ve compiled a list of *thoughts* that go through our mind while the parlour wali didi is busy pulling off our pubic hair and slowly taking away our life.

PS: Be ready to *scream in pain* after every point!

1) Why am I doing this to myself, again?

2) Didn’t I just go through this painful process last month?

3) Should I just ditch my appointment and go home and shave instead?

4) Oh no, my parlour wali didi is coming my way! It’s happening!

5) Why am I always so shy about this? Haven’t I done this a million times already?

6) I wonder how many times does she does this in a day!!!

7) Yup, gonna just lay it all down there now!

8) Wait, did she just leave me lying naked like this? Oh, she’s right here only.

9) This ‘spreading the legs’ is so weird.

10) Why is she directly looking at my vagina?!

11) Did she just touch it? And why is she talking to me while doing it?

12) I can practically hear all my organs squeal in pain.

13) Time to brace myself and let the game of screaming begin!

14) Yup, she’s spreading it!

15)  OMG. That. Wax. Is. Hot.

14) She’s going to pull it off, any second no— ahhhhhh!

15) God, take me now.

16) How does it get more painful every time?

17) Here goes another one!

18) Oh my God. When will the suffering end?

19) I’m definitely never doing this again.

19) I’m so glad that it’s finally over.

20) Was I shouting too loudly? Probably everyone at the parlour has heard me!

22) It feels so clean.

23) And I feel so good too!

Relatable, much?

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