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Dear Boyfriend, What I *Really* Think When You’re Not Around!

Dear Boyfriend, What I *Really* Think When You’re Not Around!

A girl’s mind is an over-active think tank, when it comes to her boyfriend! Boys, you would agree, if you could read our thoughts… Whether I’m at work or on a vacation or just getting bored! From plotting how to torture you for not replying, to obsessing about how insanely cute you are, my mind is always flooded with thoughts about you! So, dear boyfriend, here are some of the thoughts I have about you when you’re not around!

1. I wonder if he thinks about me as obsessively as I do about him, when I’m not around… He better!

1 thinking about him

2. *Planning our next date night in my head* (And then the next, and the one after!)


3. What kinky ways can I excite him when he’s back? Or maybe even tease him now?

4. What if we had met in a different way? What if we were childhood best friends or met at an arranged marriage meeting, would things have gone the same way as they did?

4 thinking about him

5. I wonder… Does he also think of me as the only one for him?


6. *Scroll up our chats* Ohmygod, this boy is just the cutest!

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7. *Between the moment I text and the moment you reply* Is he actually busy? Or did he lose his phone? Is he in trouble? What if something happened?  #CID

7 thinking about him


8. *Watching a sitcom* We could totally be them! Oh, we would totally be more adorable than them. AND more entertaining!

9. Damn, how can I miss him this much? Is it weird? Does he miss me this much too? Why isn’t he hereeee?!  

10. What would happen if we broke up one day? What would it be like to not be with him? What would I do?!

10 thinking about him


11. As cheesy as it sounds, I wonder if you would actually kneel down to propose to me some day?

12. I must be the best sex he has ever had, right? I’m sure of it. Has to be, right?

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13. *Smiling to myself* I don’t think anyone has a sweeter love story than ours… Maybe I will write it one day!


13 thinking about him

14. Does he love me enough to take my *real* PMS tantrum fits or would he run away scared?

15. Should I be the first to call or text? Or should I pretend to be busy? But wait on..shouldn’t I be myself and just call?

16. He hasn’t called or texted me yet… Has he found someone else?


16 thinking about him

17. Awww, he just sent me a million heart emojis at the most perfect time… Best boyfriend ever!

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24 Aug 2016

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