59 Thoughts I Had While Watching ‘Sanju’ For The First Time

Akanksha BhatiaAkanksha Bhatia  |  Jun 29, 2018
59 Thoughts I Had While Watching ‘Sanju’ For The First Time


Sanjay Dutt has been through highs and lows like no other, most of us know his story. Or at least the parts of the story that the media made clear to us. But what about the man behind some of Bollywood’s most loved movies? What about his side of the story? Sanju takes you on a brutally honest rollercoaster ride that does not disguise the actor or hide the facts behind what actually happened. I just watched Sanju for the first time and here are my thoughts. 

1. Did Ranbir just change his body structure for this film? He wasn’t this broad before. 

2. Dia Mirza is back on the silver screen, I’ve been waiting for her.

3. Ranbir’s body language as Sanju is impeccable. 

4. I’m definitely going to cry in this movie. Lookout for the waterworks guys.

5. Oh my god, the kids who play Sanjay Dutt’s babies are so adorable.

6. “Bad choices make good stories”, indeed.

7. Ten minutes in and I already believe Raju Hirani might have outdone himself.

8. Brb. I might be too involved in the story to think right now.

9. Jim Sarbh always plays borderline creepy characters. But somehow they fit him.

10. Ranbir looks so adorable in Rocky.

11. Chapter one. Drugs. 

12. This theatre is jam-packed at 9 am. What does that say about the movie?

02 sanju

13. Ranbir looks like an innocent little kid in the first half. 

14. Did someone photoshop Ranbir? The resemblance between him and Sanjay Dutt is uncanny.

15. Boman Irani plays Sonam’s dad. That’s an unexpected twist.

16. 21-year-old Sanju wasn’t nice to be around. Fun but a spoilt kid.

17. Great actors who playing great actors… this movie has got the casting perfect.

18. His parents are in New York for his mom’s treatment and he’s on acid. Hard to believe that it’s a real-life story. 

19. Is there no dull moment in Sanjay Dutt’s life?

20. Can’t look at my phone because the movie is too endearing.

21. “Snakes hain hole main.” I need a gujju BFF. 

22. He plays a brilliant friend, Vicky Kaushal is amazing.

23. I’m so invested in this love story and Sanju’s fucking it up!

24. Why is she still wearing the commode around her neck? Ew please take it off. And leave him. DUMP HIM, GIRL!

03 sanju

25. I don’t know if I’m impressed by the honesty or do I hate him.

26. Cue the waterworks. He couldn’t live up to his dad… and that tore him apart. 

27. It is okay to be Sanjay Dutt!

28. Is nothing sacred in this movie!? Stop killing or getting rid of people I love. 

29. The lines between the actors and the characters they play have been so beautifully blurred. 

30. He wasn’t even supposed to be alive… how many lives has this man been granted.

31. There is a scene in this movie when his monologue will give you goosebumps. Watch out for that.

32. He literally lived on the streets for 12 days. Can you even imagine that?

33. Watch this movie with someone who you aren’t afraid to cry in front of. PSA. 

34. My aesthetic in life is Ranbir Kapoor in exotic locations.

35. Sanju you have my heart, his first win against drugs is commendable. 

36. Anushka’s accent is annoying AF. 

01 sanju

37. Here comes the terrorist chapter we’ve all been waiting for.

38. There is a lot of questionable stuff in this movie.

39. The bomb blast was before my time. But the after effects of it weren’t.

40. Never say anything without a lawyer present! Sanju what is wrong with you?

41. Sunil Dutt is such a brilliant father. He needs to stop making me weep.

42. If you thought the trailer was bad, the jail scene gets worse in the movie.

43. The first bail rejection hits you like a truck of bricks.

44. Everyone deserves a friend like Kamlesh aka Vicky Kaushal in their life.

45. Back to jail again. I can’t imagine how someone who smiles for the camera has been through all of this.

46. His radio show should have gone live outside the jail. Would have been brilliant.

47. The timeline is so confusing. But I think I’ve forgotten that this was Ranbir Kapoor once upon a time. Now, he’s just Sanju. 

48. Sanjay Dutt is back and how! This man must have been a cat in his previous life. Indeed 9 lives and counting.

04 sanju

49. Fun fact, he accepted the role of Munna Bhai because his dad had already accepted his role as the father.

50. Arshad Warsi is such a cutie. Wait, was it photoshopped or real?

51. Those scenes together meant so much more to Sunil and Sanjay Dutt.

52. Waterworks. Can’t believe he had to live with this stigma.

53. I need to hydrate.

54. Sanjay Dutt is finally not a terrorist!

55. His take on character assassination by the media, takes you on a rollercoaster ride.

56. All of us are Anushka Sharma in this movie, constantly sobbing and in awe.

57. He’s out of jail for the last time. I remember watching this live a few years ago. Still goosebumps.

58. Kuch toh log kahenge….


Watch The Trailer Here:

Overall, the film is a great watch and I would give it a 4/5. 

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