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33 Honest Thoughts I Had While Watching The Unwatchable ‘Animal’

There are some highly sensible movies that release and instantly become classics, and then there are movies that make absolutely no sense, like Sandeep Reddy Vanga’s Animal. While watching the movie (yes, I sat through the entire film), I had some serious thoughts that I just couldn’t ignore.

Therefore, I decided to document these thoughts for our readers in the article below. Take a long breath and check these out!


1. Here we go, it’s the first frame and the little boy already has daddy issues!

2. The teacher is right – who gets to leave early because it’s their father’s birthday? No one gives a damn about it, Ranvijay! 


3. Is he distributing chocolates on his father’s birthday and the students are saying happy birthday to papa? What in the daddy world are these things?

4. He bought and FIRED an AK47 in the classroom to ‘protect’ his sister’s honor. Thank god, I don’t have a brother.

5. I’m glad his father is sending this ungrateful son to a boarding school. 

6. Geez, calm down audience, it’s just Ranbir Kapoor featuring like Sanju 2.0. Also, why does it feel like Sanjay Dutt inspired this look from the ‘90s?


7. Did he just command a woman, who used to call him bhaiya throughout her life, to break off her engagement with another man and marry him instead? Also, why are they making love in a flying plane?

8. Is he jealous of his own brother-in-law because he called him papa? These are some serious daddy issues on another level. I’m glad he’s kicked out of this party.

9. Eight years have passed and the guy now has two kids – but, he’s still as ignorant and arrogant as he was earlier.

10. He’s back – oh no!


11. You are telling me that he went to his father’s childhood village and gathered all his relatives, whom he never saw earlier in life, to fight for his father?

12. Yep, and they agreed. 

13. What the hell? Where did he get his father’s doppelgänger? It feels like I’m watching Kishen Kanhaiya – with Anil Kapoor in a double role – all over again.

14. And the doppelgänger is now dead. Great.


15. Is it so easy to enter a conference with over a hundred people, ask them to shut their eyes and kill a man silently? Hmm.

16. There are red lights all over, I think it’s time for the Arjan Vailly song!

17. NGL, this is a banger (minus the visuals, of course).

18. What’s with these animal-shaped masks? It looks weird.


19. The man just killed over 1000 men alone. Practicality went for a toss!


21. All these men could have helped their boss, rather than singing in full swing in the background. It was the sole reason why they were here. I’m just saying!

22. It has been 20 minutes and this fight sequence doesn’t seem to end. Should I get up and leave?


23. The man went into a coma and woke up two weeks later only to complain about his wife’s period pain. I mean, grow up, dude!

24. What’s the first thing to do after a heart transplant? As per our protagonist, go for a walk in the garden, completely naked! TBH, I wasn’t prepared for this.

25. The man just slept with a woman (multiple times in a week) to ‘protect’ his family. The audacity is just WOW!

26. Finally, Lord Bobby is here! And, he has also got three wives. Ugh.


27. The entire movie is almost finished and dadaji is revealing their main family history now. Kya yaar, dadaji?

28. Why are these two half-naked men fighting on a runway?

29. Okay Bobby, why are you smoking on top of this man, that too naked?

30. Why is there so much cutting of throats in this movie? You literally have 1000 types of guns and bombs – USE THEM!


31. Finally, the iconic baap-beta scene. There’s nothing to hoot about, what’s wrong with people?

32. Dude, what was the need to show Anil Kapoor suffering from cancer in the last scene of the movie? How unnecessary! 

33. Oh my gosh, there’s going to be a sequel to this movie with more violence and doppelgängers. I guess, I need to be more prepared for that one!

There you go, that’s my honest reaction to the movie.

05 Dec 2023

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