Will The Condom Break? 30 Thoughts I Had While Having Shower Sex For The First Time

AnonymousAnonymous  |  Sep 17, 2020
Will The Condom Break? 30 Thoughts I Had While Having Shower Sex For The First Time


Getting into the shower with someone for the first time can be a daunting experience. You have so many thoughts that cross your mind. While this person has seen you naked in bed, they will be seeing all of you in the shower. By all of you, I mean ALL of it. On the other side, getting into the shower with someone to have sex or otherwise is a beautiful experience. It is romantic, it is intimate and it’s everything that you need to experience at least once in your life. 

So when my first boyfriend proposed the idea of shower sex to me, I was super thrilled. We had been dating for over 9 months now and had already had sex. We both were each other’s firsts and wanted to make the most of all our many more firsts with each other. So, when he suggested shower sex I was excited and nervous at the same time. Excited because I took my firsts very seriously and wanted it to be special, and nervous because of the same reason. 

We decided to rent a hotel for a staycation over the weekend with a fancy bathroom. We wanted to be in a bathtub and experience everything romantic and fancy during our first time. We set up the station with candles, wine and great music and decided to be in there for some time. While my first shower sex experience was one of the best I ever had, I had a few thoughts running in my mind during the whole experience. Here’s exactly what I was thinking when I had sex in the shower for the first time. 


Thoughts I Had While Having Shower Sex With My Boyfriend

How many of these thoughts can you relate to?

1. There it is! He’s going to see all of me!

2. No sheets to cover me

3. How do I hide my love handles?

4. Look at him, he loves me anyway!

5. These candles, this song! Ah. I want my first to be the best.

6. I think I should cover my body in bubbles.

7. It’s so weird to sit butt naked with someone.

8. Okay, I take that back. It doesn’t feel that weird. 

9. Maybe I should stop thinking so much.

10. This feels SO relaxing.

11. What is he thinking right now?

12. Should I initiate a makeout session?

13. I think it will be so good to make out in this tub.

14. Wait, what? He’s leaning in to kiss me

15. I want a reallllly slow session.


16. Wow, he’s such a good kisser

17. This feels so good

18. I wonder what sex would feel like?

19. Can the condom break in this water?

20. Ah! He’s going in with the big move. Let me add some to it.

21. I did not know sex in the bathtub feels this good.

22. Wait, what? We’re not done yet?

23. We need to clean up so the shower area, huh?

24. I guess we can give a good end to this sesh here. 

25. I bet he’s done but maybe I can slip in a surprise! How about a surprise BJ?

26. Maybe he needs a break. Should I save it for the bedroom?

27. No! No! You fool. Do it now!

28. I wish this night never ends.

29. I hope he feels the same though.

30. Okay, we need to do this again sometime. SOON!

What was your first shower sex experience like?

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