#ShaadiKeBaad: Thoughts Every Girl Has On “The Day After”

Manasvi JaitlyManasvi Jaitly  |  May 5, 2016
#ShaadiKeBaad: Thoughts Every Girl Has On “The Day After”

The shaadi time is over and it’s time to step into married life! A new home, new routine and all new people. It’s now sinking in that you’re married. That you have a husband, in-laws and that life will no longer be the same! Here’s what goes through every girl’s mind on the very first day after the wedding, right from the time you wake up!

1. When do I wake up?

Do I need to wake up at 6 every day? Or can it be a little later than that? Can I not just sleep in today? Please god, please let them be late risers.

First day after the wedding

2. You’re not alone

You have your husband sleeping next to you. And you want to kiss him good morning but it’s just the first day and morning breath. Naaahhh!

3. TMI!

How do I tell him that I really, really, reallllllyyyy need to go before he does! And how do I pee silently? I don’t want to lose the romance just yet!

first day after wedding

4. What should I wear?

Should I be wear a sari or can I walk out in my comfy PJs. Do I need to wear all the jewellery, the sindoor and everything else to look like the ideal nayi dulhan?

5. To cook or not to cook?

Do I go and make breakfast or will someone else do it for me? And who’ll be making my morning tea/coffee with extra sugar. Do I just sit at the table or do I go back and sleep some more?

First day after the wedding

6. What’s my job in this house?

Am I just supposed to sit and giggle and make small talk in the days before the honeymoon? Oh wait! There is still the reception to look forward to.

7. Leave me ALONE!

Why are all these padosis walking in to see me? All day! And why is everyone else so damn happy. I’m tired. Can I pleaseee be left alone? Just for a while.

First day after the wedding

8. Where’s my husband?

Why can’t I see him? Where is he? Where did he go? He needs to be by my side all the time. Someone please get my husband back to me. He’s the only person I know here!

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